AppCoiner Review

AppCoiner Review

AppCoiner is an online commission business that deals with mobile application reviews. After reviewing a specific product, you should post it on your website. When someone considers it, click the product affiliate link and downloads the test app, you will receive a commission. Thus, you should have a website with high traffic to earn more.

The app is accessible to everybody across the globe. It has millions of users with valid payments. You must use a smartphone or tablet coming with android 4.2 system for best results with this program. The AppCoiner review program is easy to run.

You should pay $27 for registration, which is an onetime payment. It is has been an easy way to make money since 2014.

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  • Offers something very different from what you are initially told
  • You have to pay to join
  • NOT a site for recommendation

AppCoiner Pros And Cons

  • Does not require professional writing skills to do comprehensive reviews.
  • The app coiner program has no limitation on the number of apps you review.
  • A quick way to make money.
  • There isn’t any risk while activating your membership on the app. Besides, if at all you don’t like the association for personal reasons, you are free to quit. If you leave, you will receive a 100% refund in 60 days.



  • The app requires an internet connection.
  • You should be hardworking to earn cash.
  • Misleading information.

AppCoiner Things to Consider
Section 2: Things to Consider Before Doing an AppCoiner Review

All products found under this review are withstanding ways to make money. It helps in explaining product features, thus offering enough layout before you buy. Besides, the app offers excellent ways to earn money.

Although red-flags still exist in product reviews, it allows you to check-in various reviews. Counter checking reviews will help in distinguishing a poor from a quality product. For newbies, this program is not suitable for you; instead, try survey junkie.

The program allows all willing persons above 18years old to earn cash online. Mostly students, freelancers, and part-time workers ready to work online. It accumulates many since no special writing skills you need. You only need a subdomain website. It also lets its users get paid while still at their comfort home.

There are certain features to consider before purchasing;

  • Internet connection.
  • Registration fee.
  • Mobile device.
  • Your target audience.
  • Subdomain website with high traffic.

AppCoiner Features And Benefits
Section 3: Features and Benefits

Is AppCoiner Safe and Legit?

App coiner review states it clearly that the program doesn’t offer payments to writers. But instead, it helps writers by promoting their works. The program boosts reviews in various ways. Also, in different sites that are reachable by many audiences.

The app has excellent features to earn money including;

Testing of the best execution apps

To earn money, you should test new apps available on the app. App coiner offers a massive list of apps daily where you can choose.

The testing exercise follows four primary steps;

  1. Register by purchasing the AppCoiner by $27.

Making this payment is very critical since it allows you to review products and sell them. It offers you access to the database where you can research new apps requiring evaluation. The payment is not AppCoiner scam since the website clearly illustrates its purpose. The money you pay is for moderators and more expenses that the AppCoiner incurs.

  1. Select an app on the database to perform the review.

You should select all the apps under professional establishers. Research shows that they have a large number of updates. Besides, they have techniques of eliminating any errors that may occur. But, you should include a link in each review you make. It helps in directing cash to you once someone clicks on the link.

  1. Writing of the report.

After registration and app selection, the app will undergo testing. After the approval of the app, you will be free to write reviews.

Yet, you should write in a high notch grammar. Any review you submit with poor grammar, you will get it back for revisions. Note that, changes will be as many times as possible if you write a review of low quality.

  1. Receiving of the payments.

If you write a review of high quality, you are now ready to get your cash. You will get the money every time someone clicks the link you provide on the review. Also, if someone downloads your review, you will get paid.

AppCoiner Access And Login

  • Access and log in to members’ section

After your registration payment, you should log in and start assessing apps at your own time. The AppCoiner is fair enough that it offers you an upsell. It provides a collection of 50 reviews to read from and understand what they expect from you. The reviews have 17500 words together with 100 images that go in hand with the content.

Besides, the upsell offer an AppCoiner review website. The website is applicable during the posting of your reviews. Having unique content, it will be appropriate for many sites. But, you should not post it on many websites to allow effective search engine ranking. If you need to get paid, your website trafficking should be high. Thus need for traffic sources on your website.

There are three primary traffic sources. They are; social media, paid ads and search engine, choose accordingly. For a newbie, don’t opt-in for payment adverts like ads since they may cost you more. Instead, make use of social media and search engines that are relatively cheap to run.

Social media advertisement will promote you if you deliver quality reviews. You must share the review links on Facebook and other media that are useful to you. Besides, share photos and graphics as well, and through this, you may receive more traffic.

But, to get high traffic using search engines, you need a helpful review to search engine optimization. It will be hierarchical in the initial google page, thus visible to all Google users. But, Google doesn’t rank new websites first and poorly written content. So, it’s helpful if you have a writing experience and an old website.

In the members’ area, you will get a welcome message. It notifies you about your website creation. You will also get a URL that you will use while visiting your site. There is also a password and user name for the WordPress admin area login.

AppCoiner Money Release

  • Money release 

App coiner offers your cash through direct deposit, check, and PayPal. The payment process usually is weekly. But, to get the money, there are some phases to do. The first phase is to generate a click bank account. You should also include your affiliate ID on the site settings. The records are very crucial while accessing the WordPress editor.

The second phase is the addition of reviews on the website. You should choose an AppCoiner from the database found on the website dashboard. Then download it and save it to your mobile device where you should test its perfection. When you do all this, then proceed to write reviews and publishing them.

Remember, the process is the same for each AppCoiner you select. Finally, it is filling with the click bank account to get paid. You should not depend on the link clicking and downloading of AppCoiner reviews for payments alone. Be exclusive to earn money online by improvising other money tactics.

One of them is the name email opt-in that allows you to develop an email address. Each website usually has an opt-in system intact and an open report. The report is a welcome motivation that will enable you to get the fieriest apps free of charge.

The story is standby; such everyone who signs-up on this site will receive it immediately. Besides, it promotes your App Coiner reviews by sending name email to them with offers regularly. The name email goes with your affiliate link, thus a guarantee to get cash on each sale.

The other tactic is the use of banner ads, which has your Click bank ID. If the client clicks on the ad and buys it, you get money. Besides, you can also use app download buttons where you get it at the end of each report. The switch helps in directing clients to click bank products and download the AppCoiner

All these procedures work towards increasing your chances of earning money.

AppCoiner Support Team

  • The support team

The app coiner support team is ready to serve everybody in need. Besides, the client information is under a protection policy. Thus only the members with authorization can access. The support team often review their systems. Thus ensuring they offer the best to customers.

The program doesn’t limit you on the number of apps to use. Besides, the site isn’t a scam, as many think although it has intricate misleading details. You can’t earn good money without hardworking and training. Although they say no skills, you need.

Besides, the AppCoiner calculator is a scam that misleads many. It has an unknown money per each review you write. Yet, the support team instruction may be misleading and unproductive on AppCoiner reviews. Thus, training before starting affiliate marketing might help you a lot. The statement that no skills you need to begin making money online have misled many. It’s, thus, essential to get basic ideas on writing reviews. It helps to generate quality content

The training you attend should offer you the skills of writing reviews. Also, provide support and help enlightenment on search engine optimization of materials. The training should also teach you how to create websites. Thus you won’t depend on the primary AppCoiner site. With site creation skills, you will also be able to increase site traffic, thus earn money. 

Note the owner of the affiliate marketing hides his identity; therefore, AppCoiner isn’t a reliable way of making money.

AppCoiner Real?
Section 4: Social Proof 

Is AppCoiner Real?

Besides, being misleading and unfavourable to many; some earn money, unlike others. Those with experience in writing and offering quality reviews usually succeed. The program is not suitable for newbies.

Besides, a long-existing member has high traffic and knowhow on marketing their reviews. Thus for a beginner without traffic may end up wasting his money and time while reviewing.

In intensive research online, I have come across with few persons who give the program a 5stars rating. This is a legit way of making cash.

AppCoiner Alternative
Section 5: Alternatives On How to Make Fast Money Online?

1.   Userzoom

It uses the Intelli zoom panel. You will receive approval of your test in 3 to 5 days with a quality rating from the company or client. The customer rating has a significant impact on your business. It determines your invitation levels. Besides, the test takes 10-20 minutes with a known payment amount of $10 per one. You can get your money via the PayPal account.

It’s the best in offering reliable quantitative and qualitative insights into your business.



  • Fast user access.
  • Excellent support system.
  • Simple to use with automatic writing.

2.  Ubertesters 

It’s mobile-friendly; thus, you can earn money online on app testing quickly. Unlike app coiner, after registration, you wait until the manager contacts for certification. It goes this way purposely to ensure you are reliable on app testing. The manager comes with general questions. If you aren’t able to answer your registration doesn’t go through.

The payment process is unique since your money is according to the time spent on a test. Your commission is fair, unlike other apps that pay per test.



  • Their schedule is flexible.
  • Fair payments.
  • Great reviewing projects.


Usertesting is very different from the rest since you must visit a website and give feedback. The payment is excellent, getting $10 after every task of 10 to 20 minutes. You should provide the input information in audio and video recording. 



  • Easy to understand and use.
  • Higher earnings, as well as gaining experience.
  • Independent projects and freedom of speaking out your thought.

Thus, it’s also important to check out these alternatives and go for that satisfies you most. Besides, working in different apps will help you gain more experience. Thus a guarantee to the good commission.

AppCoiner logo


  • Offers something very different from what you are initially told
  • You have to pay to join
  • NOT a site for recommendation



Section: 6 Conclusion 

App coiner is not a scam, and it helps in testing different mobile apps. The activity helps to distinguish one product from another depending on their features. It’s a good online platform that you can use and make money online easily. The steps are simple to understand.

Besides, you need no special skills to start earning thus accessible to all. But your grammar will determine your content sale, so if it is poor, you may end up gaining nothing. The AppCoiner isn’t promising since it doesn’t pay but promote your content.

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