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Clickworker is an online reward and survey site that pays people for completing what is known as microtasks. The company was started in 2005 by Alexander Linden with an objective of providing multiple data sets and micro-tasking industry solutions. Clickworker has grown its workforce to over 136 countries, reaching a global force of over 2 million workers. The idea is to have workers perform various tasks when they have time, which is why Clickworker is suitable for freelancers and students, as we will see in this review. In the present time, Clickworker is based in the United States and Germany. In this article, I will take you through a thorough Clickworker review, highlighting everything that you should know about the website.

There are plenty of micro-working and survey sites that are unreliable, but Clickworker is not one of them. The site is legitimately established, with over 5 years of experience in the industry. Basically, you are allowed to sign up to this micro-working site and get access as a worker or employer (also known as a client). Clickworker develops solutions to the clients by breaking down their projects into microtasks. These tasks are then processed in real-time via the platform, taken up as jobs, and simultaneously completed by qualified Workers. Finally, quality control measures are employed to merge all the completed microtasks as correct results, which are then transferred to the clients.

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  • Has decent earning potential
  • Several earning opportunities
  • Has a decent payment threshold
  • You can join from all countries
  • But offers available will depend on your location

Clickworker Pros And Cons
Clickworker: Pros and Cons

• Multiple opportunities to make money at a given time.
• Payments are made available via PayPal.
• Enhanced with a mobile application that help users to undertake microtasks via phone.
• Decent threshold of payment.

• Reward rates vary with availability.
• You might have to undertake pre-qualifier tests for more jobs.
• Limited job offers based on worker’s locations.

Clickworker Things to consider
Things to Consider Before Doing Micro Tasks

Upon registration as a worker in Clickworker, you are open to microtasks, paid surveys, and offers and promotions. As far as microtasks are concerned, there are plenty of options available to registered workers. These tasks include the following;
• Completing surveys
• Web research
• Proofreading
• Mobile crowdsourcing
• Creating product descriptions
• Website categorisation
• Text creation
• Voice recording
• Text analysis
• Image and video tagging

Clickworker services can be used by individuals, companies, and businesses across multiple sectors that are interested in having their projects undertaken by an independent third-party contractor in the shortest time possible. These are divided into small tasks that individuals above the age of 18 help to undertake.

Just like any other company, microtask services offered by Clickworker do not come without challenges. This is why you should take into consideration specific critical issues before doing any microtask with an online website. Such factors to consider include;
1. Consistency of work. The flow of income is dependent on the consistency of tasks.
2. Technical issues. The nature of the work involved is too small to email the support team. Consider the technical issues surrounding the microtasks before starting.
3. Browser compatibility. The site should be compatible with multiple browsers to allow you to work at any time and from any place.
4. Mobile application. You want a platform that will allow you to work with your phone as well.
5. Rates. This is the most fundamental factors to consider when working on microtasks.

Clickworker Features And Benefits
Clickworker: Features and Benefits

Clickworker combines opportunities offered by reward and survey sites. This section highlights the features that describe Clickworker and its benefits.


Paid surveys are one of the ways workers can earn money through Clickworker. Just like any other survey platform, workers get paid to respond to questions of a particular survey. Upon completion of the survey, a reward is wired to your account. However, you will be required to go through a screening test before answering the actual survey. This is typically done to establish whether you belong to a specified demographic, as these surveys are targeted to specific demographics. As per my review, these surveys are a great way to generate quick money when you have time.

Once you login to Clickworker, you will find your survey offers on the ‘Member’ dashboard that can be performed whenever you have the time. However, unlike most of the other survey platforms, the survey offers by Clickworker are listed together with other tasks offered by the site. One feature that distinguishes this site’s survey offers from the other survey platforms is that information about tasks available is only seen by registered members, including names and rewards.

Micro Tasks

This is where the real deal lies for Clickworkers. Upon logging in to the website, you will find work available for you on the dashboard, which you can undertake in your own free time. You will then see the microtasks that you are eligible to handle after your profile is completed. Typically, the microtasks availed to you are as a result of the specific fields you select. In this review, I will take you through the most common microtasks available to users in Clickworker.

• Proofreading

Clickworker is also in search of individuals who are passionate to check and correct texts in books, online articles, or newspapers. This microtask is interesting as topics to proofread vary with the job situation in the present time. These topics may range from technology, hotels, cities, and other products. To become a proof-reader with Clickworker, you must be passionate about correcting errors, be excellent in your native language, and have an excellent sense of language. You might, however, be required to undertake specific tests to authenticate your proofreading skills. The higher the quality needed for specified projects, the higher you get paid per word. To get to the highest quality levels, you will need to master your proofreading skills and deliver excellent results on your work continuously.

Clickworker Data Categorization
• Data Categorisation

A worker can also make money by analysing and classifying data files according to specified terms. Such data files include documents, photos, and videos. Your data categorisation may also involve analysis, evaluation, and classification of images, search results, and website content. For example, you might be required analyse different Landing Pages and make a decision on which page provides the user with clearer information on a given subject.

• Web Research

Clickworker is continuously looking for workers with a passion for researching data from the internet. These workers will be required to search the internet for such information as events, physical addresses, opening or closing hours, customers, and catalogues of a company or business. Some projects may also require the workers to update the existing information about a company.

• Text Writing

For workers with interest in writing around different topics of interest, this is the ideal work. You will create texts based on specific predefined topics or a given template. Some of the texts revolve around a description of products, industries, technologies, or cities.

• Copy Editing

This work involves editing of short texts to a specified topic. This may vary depending on the job description at the present time. Topics may include a description of products, cities, and other items.

• Mystery Visits and Photography

This is another enjoyable microtask undertaken by workers. It involves strolling through a mall or shopping area to uncover something as outlined in the instructions. For example, a worker may be required to find out whether a mall or supermarket that was trending at a certain given time is still situated in its initial location. You may also be tasked to check product placement or sale displays in a store or supermarket. Following the instructions issued, this work is completed at the specified location, documented, and submitted with supporting photos.

The good thing with this microtask is that there is only one restriction to undertaking it, which is your location. Mystery visits are limited to particular regions or cities, and workers living around these areas are eligible to undertake the jobs at a pay.

Clickworker Offers And Promotions
Offers and Promotions

The other feature that describes Clickworker is the online offers and promotions availed to the site’s registered members. These offers and promotions, like other survey and reward platforms, are made available on the dashboard, from which you can click the partner with the suitable offers. If you read the terms and conditions of an offer, you might be lucky to get a great deal. You must, however, be cautious when selecting a service offering from any partner as Clickworker is not to be held liable for any promotion or offer provided.

Clickworker Mobile Application

In 2017 and 2018, Clickworker developed the Clickworker App for iOS and Android, respectively. Workers can now access and use their personal accounts using a smartphone. The app displays work, surveys, and tasks that are suitable to the user. New users can also sign up, create and access their accounts using this app. One of the benefits of this application is its capacity to help users to sign up, handle microtasks, and make money just like the website.

Clickworker: How Much Can I Make?

The company suggests that, on average, a Clickworker can work and earn up to 9 dollars per hour. However, how much money you make is influenced by various factors, including the number of microtasks completed in a given time, available surveys, and partner offers at your disposal. Your income will also depend on your speed of completing work available. Also, keep in mind that payment for the work done is inconsistent. This means that while some microtasks will earn you up to €5, some of them will generate you as low as €0.17.

Clickworker Who is eligible
Clickworker: Who is Eligible?

Clickworker is accessible for use by clients and workers. This Clickworker review focuses on the registration of a user who must be over 18 years to sign up, access and work with the company. This means that the platform cannot be accessed by teenagers below 18. The registration process is simple and signing up absolutely free. You might, however, be required to fill in an online form for registration, after which a verification link will be sent to you via your email address. Clicking on this link is what completes the registration process. However, keep in mind that you can only take on microtasks and offers once you complete your profile.

Social Proof

I searched the internet and found Clickworker reviews by various users that seemed somewhat positive. One user reviewed the platform as work-friendly, productive, and fun. Another user rates the microtasks offered to be manageable and an easy way to help users make money. Some users consider Clickworker to be a great choice for individuals who find it hard to work around people.

Here is a screenshot of a few Clickworker reviews by the company’s workers.

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Clickworker Alternative
Alternatives to Clickworker

There are plenty of alternatives to to help you work online. This review gives an overview of microwork websites that operate like

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a loyalty-program website that allows users to earn ‘Swagbucks’ after completing simple tasks. Swagbucks are earned points that can be redeemed in exchange for cash or gift cards. Unlike Clickworker, Swagbucks features games that users can play to make more points. Also, Swagbucks encourages registration by teens, 13 years being the minimum age of registration.
Get a detailed review of Swagbucks by clicking on Swagbuck’s website

2. PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel is an online get-paid-to (GPT) and paid survey website that rewards users for completing surveys and other small tasks. The additional dynamic features that come with PrizeRebel are what distinguishes the company from These features include GPT games, Daily Challenge, Raffles, Lucky Numbers, and Free Contests. PrizeRebel also features a referral program where users can make more money by inviting friends. Contrary to Clickworker’s age limit, individuals with at least 13 years can register and work with PrizeRebel.

For a review of more deals offered by PrizeRebel, visit the company’s website by clicking here

3. Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk)

MTurk is a crowdsourcing platform that provides solutions to businesses by hiring remote crowdworkers to perform on-demand microtasks known as Human Intelligence Tasks (HITs). Just like Clickworker, the website is founded on the philosophy that there are actions and projects that computers are unable to do, and that only human beings can perform those tasks. The microtasks featured on MTurk are only accessible to individuals above the age of 18. Some of the features that distinguish MTurk from Clickworker include content screening, classification of objects in satellite images, and labelling of objects.
Click on Amazon Mechanical Turk to review and get a glimpse of how workers generate income via the website.

ClickWorker logo


  • Has decent earning potential
  • Several earning opportunities
  • Has a decent payment threshold
  • You can join from all countries
  • But offers available will depend on your location




As I wrap up my review, there are several things to remember.

Clickworker is an online survey and reward website that hires remote workers to perform microtasks in exchange for money. The primary objective of Clickworker is to help clients with complex tasks by offering individual solutions through crowdsourcing of remote workers. If you are passionate about undertaking microtasks, such as web research, text writing, proofreading, data categorisation, or mystery visits, then you can evaluate information on this review to turn your passion into money. However, you must have attained 18 years of age to be a Clickworker. You should also be able to receive payments via PayPal or SEPA transfers.

For registration and more information about Clickworker, click here

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