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Online survey sites that reward users for their time when doing surveys are becoming vast, and they offer numerous choices where you are eligible for some free products,   gift cards, and at times actual money. The best decision for you depends on what you’re aiming after and ensuring that you get access to a credible survey site rather than a scam.

BzzAgent is indeed a rewarding survey site that will deliver some of these benefits and disadvantages of BzzAgent is new to you, and you haven’t heard of the website before, let us clarify in depth what the site is all about, so you can judge for yourself if it’s worth a try.



  • Legit platform that will reward you for completing the campaigns they offer
  • If you like receiving free products or merchandise, this can be a decent option
  • Won’t be able to earn real money from it
  • Due to eligibility, you need to contact Support Team if you want to join

What Is BzzAgent?

BzzAgent Main Page

BzzAgent is a media network rather than a market analysis company. BzzAgent usually invites participants to join their online community that allows you to analyze and express your thoughts about different commodities and rendered services.

BzzAgent is social networking – based websites, which implies that a user must have a  minimum of one or more social media accounts, such as Snapchat and  Instagram, and they ought to be active in each, each of their social media accounts.

Features and Benefits

BzzAgent Join Page

By the year 2017, there were more than a million members globally who were contended with the site and gave high credits to help communicate through social media websites and oral campaigns because most believe this way creates a perfect outcome for advertisers.

BzzAgent has a creative marketing approach, and the software is excellent in both design and usability.

For one to qualify to be a  BzzAgent, users doesn’t have to live in the United States of America because they do have advances in several European countries, which, when putting into consideration their reward system used, is quite magnificent.

How BzzAgent works

BzzAgent How It Works

To join BzzAgent does not require any registration fees because it is free if a user is a resident of the European countries, and it is not restricted to a specific time.

The only requirement is user is required to answer some survey questions to determine the kind of commodities to be paired with. This is a positive thing if you want to do surveys for what you like or want.

You can start collecting Bzz as soon as you become a participant and thus adding the scores to your BzzScore.

Many activities will improve your BzzScore, and linking your Facebook and Twitter accounts is a good beginning. If this has happened, you are invited to perform surveys that suit your requirements and will soon be sent a BzzKit to your house.  

This package includes a full sample of your choice that will be reviewed, lesser samples, discounts, and specifics on the option you had signed up for. This is purely for your personal use and handed out free of charge. It is the most fabulous BzzAgent award.

You are invited to take part in surveys because of your profile, your current work, what interests you, and your average BzzScore. The more involved you are on the website, the more goods you will be awarded.

Gaining BzzScore

BzzAgent Participating Brands

If your assigned products reach your home, you ought to do certain “activities,” like reviewing the product and writing it down,  images, or videos uploading or share them on social media sites like  Twitter.

One thing to note while surveying on the company would be that the entire concept for a product and a survey is to build a word of mouth dialogue. This implies that it is not necessary to post or and uploading photos of the products you got and maybe not what you are out afterward.

You will want your family and friends to speak about all this and share via social networks because this is how businesses attract customers and clients.

You will also be able to submit Bzz Reviews in response to these tasks, which tell you how you have spoken to your peers regarding the current item that you received.

Yeah, you’d have to read right, BzzAgent loves their members so very much that they trust you and give you points if one states  “Bzz”d about a particular item.

You can also share and send images, videos, and even links to a blog post in conjunction with all of these different ways of marketing products. Finally, invitations to easy, simple, online polls that can add points are sent to you periodically

What can you gain?

The critical thing to get from the company is the item you need to test, which you can get free.

What is crucial would be to understand that BzzAgent partners alongside large, excellently-known brands, such as Gamble, so that testing products of smaller brands are available in the beginning. Nevertheless, the goods you will obtain get better and better as you build up your BzzScore.

In addition to champagne items, you add ratings for, a plat; am BzzAgent collaborated with to give its users the option of trading awards for additional prizes in the forms of coupons. The selection of cards, including famous merchants, including restaurants, is immense.


The BzzAgent software is, first of all, excellent, and the website is appealing visually. This is helpful and keeps their public pages up to date, which is particularly unusual for analysis panels in the industry since they deal with social media.

It also ensures that customer service functions well and is still helpful when questioned about events, programs, or inquiries that may have slipped on the way.

Secondly, if you published or write a review, BzzAgent isn’t going to lower your ratings if it’s a negative one. If you don’t like the drug, they support you. And besides, the idea is that every post can build as much as the work itself. 

You won’t get punished if you don’t want to participate in a specific campaign you’ve been invited for because you don’t like it. Only inform them what you think, and soon you’ll be asked to another event.

Similarly, the amount has never been right for BzzAgent; this implies that one does not receive a higher score just because you upload a picture am many seven times through your Instagram account. BzzAgent respect authenticity and high expectations for the campaigns and BzzAgent reviews that can be appreciated these days.

Furthermore, users of BzzAgent want to keep it exciting and happy; this is because they will have implemented a component that’s little more incentive, when you are using the site, you can unlock it. These are items such as the first Bzz post, the tenth post, the outstanding picture, and so many more, some of which are secret! Is this not fun? 

You will also be able to receive MyPoints for anything you do, including the above-listed segment, such as events, surveys, and visits to the Frog Pond, a site company that will connect you to online platforms that you can then check in a poll. You can exchange all these things for coupons via your MyPoints page

Finally, BzzAgent is mostly about networking on social media. So if user is in this country, this website will make you enjoy keeping your (at least) Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, posted and active.


It could take a little while and certain stamina with BzzAgent to get to the web. If you would like excellent results on BzzAgent, the more involved you are supposed to be, the more mediocre the items you have to work to obtain a high worthy ranking, you will have to link all your social media account to participation in BzzAgent.

A further shortcoming is the more mediocre quality of the promotions and the goods provided by users over the years, which notes that many years the earlier violations were far more regular and things deserving the efforts were sent. I suppose it depends on what you want and what you get.

Finally, if the promotion of the essential product to the MyPoints website is to be issued, you must always compete-to-date on them because they are successful, which allows you to reclaim awards.

Customer support

BzzAgent FAQ

You can have questions to answer before you decide on any online survey site. You can still have problems with your account if you want to fix them. A credible survey platform should also provide an efficient customer service segment in which its members can answer questions. The perfect online survey platform offers combined support

The platform provides such support articles in combination with a FAQ section on its website for support. This will answer most of their questions such as registration phase questions, campaigns, and invites, surveys and campaign events, etc.

If you feel that the on-site self-help services are minimal, you can contact the BzzAgent customer service officer. For such a situation, email assistance is provided. You can e-mail the platform via the e-mail address listed on the websites, directly from your inbox.



  • Legit platform that will reward you for completing the campaigns they offer
  • If you like receiving free products or merchandise, this can be a decent option
  • Won’t be able to earn real money from it
  • Due to eligibility, you need to contact Support Team if you want to join



How to delete  BzzAgent 

If you do not wish to be a BzzAgent member and would like to cancel your subscription with us anymore, please email us at, or contact us through the contact details given by the Q&I tab so we may delete your account


It is essential to realize that BzzAgent is a reliable compensating user with fantastic, free services in return for humble opinion and contact with social media networking sites.

That said, with this website, you won’t make money. BzzAgent compensates you for material objects and goods, not money, but if you submit your transaction through the Western Union, you can gain my Total score, which you can swap for cash.

But BzzAgent will only be there for you if you don’t want to make a fortune, but instead, find a way to get excellent goods free of charge and have fun. It’s an influential updated site that certainly deserves to be targeted.

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