Mark Weaver

Based in Austin Texas I have been writing about taking surveys online since 2014. In my spare time I love photography, running and more recently spending time with my wife and two children.

VIPVoice Review

VIP Voice Review

The online survey panel industry is a crowded one, with players coming in and out at regular frequency. Due to this, it becomes all the more important for us, survey takers, to recognize the trusted providers from scammers.And NPD Online Research Group (now known as VIP Voice), which is the subject of today’s review, happens …

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Vindale Review

Vindale Review

As far as online survey panels go, you can definitely consider Vindale Research as a survivor. It is one of the longest-running survey sites. And it’s hard to find anyone who hasn’t heard of Vindale.As a reviewer, my latest task was to get on board this site and investigate if there is any scam in …

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Valued Opinions Review

Valued Opinions Review

The name, Valued Opinions, would probably bring hallow to some part-time online survey takers, and there is a perfectly legitimate reason behind this. Being a fairly new entrant to this crowded online survey market, it is no surprise that Valued Opinions still have yet to register with these folks, especially new players still fresh on …

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Toluna Review

Toluna Review

If you have been active in the paid survey market recently, you should know Toluna by now.But let’s say that, for one reason or another, the name Toluna does not immediately register in your mind, then you will find in this article a highly comprehensive overview of what this site is all about, and why …

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Project Payday Review

Project Payday Review

This review is driven by my need to communicate to my readers about my personal experience with Project Payday as well as my observations on the going-on at online forums, personal blogs and survey panel review sites with regards to this specific survey panel.Is Project Payday a complete scam? Do real people make any form …

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QuickRewards Review

Quickrewards Review

Lately, there has been quite some buzz on the Internet surrounding QuickRewards.The sound bites are especially ferocious among netizens who are always on the lookout for money earning opportunities.Naturally, the bulk of the noise tends to focus on the legitimacy of the company. Is this the real deal or a fake website to con people …

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SendEarnings Review

SendEarnings Review

Lately, there has been a lot of buzz on the fade about “reading e-mail and getting paid”.When you look at this particular market sector, there are not many players as big as SendEarnings.Being a long-time member of SE (I have been with them from 2006), it is comforting to see this site making headlines in …

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SurveySavvy Review

Survey Savvy Review

I knew I could no longer put off this review about SurveySavvy after it hits yet another high on popularity ranking.Well, the urgency of this review may be prompted by my own personal inquisitiveness, the good that this review is going to bring you, the readers, is that you get to find out if SurveySavvy …

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Survey Spot Review

Survey Spot Review

Paid survey sites, just like all things on the web, can roughly be broken down into 2 categories: legit and non-legit.While this definition covers almost 90% of the online survey panels, there are quite some sites that fall into the gray zone, neither here nor there, this is what you are about to find out …

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Swagbucks Review

Swagbucks Review

No self-respecting reviewer of the online survey panels could claim to have a good collection of reviewed sites if he or she does not cover Swagbucks, especially when it is arguably the top dog in the paid survey market, allegedly beating CashCrate comfortably in the popularity rating.And Swagbucks itself is never shy of trumpeting its …

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Point2Shop Review

Points2shop Review

The first thing that I can’t help noticing as I prepare my review on Points2Shop is that there is an apparent lack of information with regards to this company, as the most recent observations I noticed were dated back to 2012.And the second thing is that there appear to be two schools of thought surrounding …

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Pinecone Research Review

Pinecone Research Review

Recently, there has been a busy buzz around PineCone Research, the subject of this review. It invariably pops up in conversations, news, and editorial pieces when the subject involves online survey panels.I am not exactly sure what is driving this obsession on PineCone Research but I thought it would be good to shed a light …

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Panda Research Review

Panda Research Review

In recent times, this rumor about Panda Research being a scam has been making its rounds on the Internet.Naturally, netizens (in particular survey takers) are curious to find out if there is any truth to this rumor. It’s only normal to expect this reaction. After all, all sorts of complaints have been flying fast and …

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E-Poll Review

Epoll Surveys Review

One of the survey sites that you don’t hear a lot about is ePoll Surveys.The simple reason being that the survey works here is nothing to shout about as far as payment goes, and you seldom see it here on my blog.Still, it has been a long time player in the online survey panel market, …

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Global Test Market Review

Global Test Market Review

You could easily count Global Test Market as among the top 3 online survey panels in the market, at least that’s how many people see it.If you were still in 2 minds about becoming a paid survey panelist over at Global Test Market, this review would be a good eye-opener about this company.This review is …

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The Harris Poll Review

Harris Poll Online Review

Today’s review is going to shine the spotlight on Harris Poll Online and whether it is a legitimate survey panel or a scam, and basically everything you need to know about this company.You will get to read all and more in this completely impartial and objective review on this popular paid survey panel.Let’s start!Company BackgroundHarris …

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iPoll Review

Ipoll Review

Look no further than this review to know the inside out of iPoll (the new name of SurveyHead).I have become a registered member of this survey panel so as to determine if this is a scam at work or a legit survey site.Without a doubt, this online paid survey panel has garnered a huge fan …

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Ipsos I-say Review

Ipsos I-Say Review

Today’s review is of Ipsos i-Say or sometimes referred to by its other name “I-Say by Ipsos”, a proven long-term player in the online survey panels industry. And when you start to examine its business model and operation, it is no accident that the company has such a strong staying power.Essentially, it all boils down to …

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MindField Online Review

Mindfield Online Review

MindField Online is the latest addition to my series of reviews on the online survey panels.And I certainly think that my years of experience being a member of this particular survey panel have added weight to this review.I sincerely hope that the information you can learn here is useful enough for you to evaluate if …

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MindsPay Review

Mindspay Review

I love paid product testing. I mean, who wouldn’t like getting free products to test while getting paid it for them? the problem is finding legit companies and avoiding scams.Today’s review is about MindsPay, one of these companies that not only offer paid surveys, but it also offers product testing opportunities.As always, I’ll start with …

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MySurvey Review

My Survey Review

The online paid survey industry is characterized by the coming and going of players. It is thus refreshing to note that the subject of today’s review, My Survey, is still around.The thing is that this website was among the first to reward members in return for their personal opinions expressed, so it easily qualifies as …

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MyView Review

Myview Review

If your choice of online survey panel is always going to be guided by the level of assurance that you are going to get paid, then you have absolutely no reason to overlook MyView, as is evident from this review. Not only the website guarantees payment on a survey completed, but it also allows you …

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Opinion Outpost Review

Opinion Outpost Review

In recent times, Opinion Outpost seems to manage to pull together an ardent fan base. Some of those fans are not shy in saying that Opinion Outpost is even bigger time than Swagbucks or Global Test Market. To these folks, I rest my case.Nevertheless, I must say that if you are looking to make some …

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CashCrate Review

Cash Crate Review

Today’s review is of CashCrate, one of the more popular online survey panels, which compensate members for taking surveys and completing various offers. The company has been in business for the last seven years.Despite that, we still hear a lot about people questioning how legitimate this company is. While scam versus legit debate is what …

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