Digital Reflection Panel Review

Digital Reflection Panel Review

Living in the age of the internet exposes us to incredible opportunities while increasing interconnectedness. Many people spend a significant chunk of their time on the internet through their computers or mobile devices. Even as people spend most of their time surfing the internet, it is mostly for pleasure. Did you know you can turn your pleasurable online experience into a money-making opportunity?

Numerous sites offer the promise of paying and rewarding internet users for their online activity. One of such market research websites is the Digital Reflection Panel. The digital panel is a division of comScore, Inc., which serves to understand how different households use the internet, including mobile devices and computers. As a member of the Reflection Panel, you will play a role in contributing to information to the site to allow their clients to discover better ways of enhancing online user experience.

In this Digital Reflection Panel review, you will find more information on how the website works, how they pay and the best alternatives. Read on to understand more.

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Digital Reflection Panel

  • Only accept US residents
  • Internet meter installation will earn you a bonus of $25
  • Offers multiple money-making opportunities
  • Multiple payment options


  • Passive income potential.
  • Solid pay and rewards.
  • Multiple survey opportunities.
  • Great bonuses.


  • Some users aren’t particularly comfortable allowing the platform to use their information.
Things To Consider

Things to Consider before Signing up on Digital Reflection Panel

Before you go ahead and register to become a member of Digital Reflection Panel, you must understand that they will ask you to provide your personal information so that they can find new and better ways to improve the online user experience.

Furthermore, you need to keep in mind that they only accept US residents and sometimes their internet meter may break down. Therefore, you should always be aware of some of these things even as you look forward to signing up on the survey site.

Features and Benefits of Digital Reflection Panel

How it Works

The comScore, Inc. subsidiary isn’t your normal survey site. Its approach to market research and analysis is different when compared to other similar sites. It exists to help businesses looking to get more information on how various households use the internet and paying its members passive income for being part of the people using the internet.

Digital Reflection Panel is able to monitor internet usage by providing its members with an internet meter. As a member, you need to ensure that you keep the internet meter running all the time to get paid. Furthermore, you also have the chance to answer survey questions at least once a month and get paid for the same.

The website also plants a tree in the name of a new member upon joining the platform. Moreover, you don’t have to provide the information yourself; the meter will automatically collect the data it needs without any intervention. The only thing you need to do is set it up and run to earn your passive income.

When the internet meter keeps running, and you answer the monthly survey, you get paid. Once your e-wallet reaches a threshold of $50, you can go ahead and request a payout.

How To Get Paid

How to Get Paid

Every time a new member signs up on any of these platforms, the first thing that comes to mind is how to make money on the platform. The good news is that the platform doesn’t only offer one way to make money from your home’s comfort. It offers multiple money-making opportunities.

The first time you will get rewarded by the platform is when you install their internet meter on any of your devices. Apart from this installation bonus, there are other rewards you get for completing other steps. Here are some ways you can earn money from the platform.

  • Internet meter installation will earn you a bonus of $25.
  • When you install the internet meter within the first four days of getting the meter, you still get $25.
  • When you use the meter for the first two months, you get $60.
  • From the third month, you start receiving $10 when you leave it running.
  • On your first device update of the wireless router meter, you earn another $25.
  • Afterward, you potentially make about $5 per month.

Therefore, you will earn a cumulative total of approximately $200 in the first year of using Digital Reflection by providing the information they need. The first-year amount can go a long way in helping you sort your bills. If you want to make more money, you can take part in filling in surveys. When you have $50, and above in your account, you can always request a payout.

There are multiple payment options. You can either choose to receive your payment via PayPal, redeem for gift cards or donate the funds to a charity.

Social Proof

Many people are concerned about their private information when it comes to market survey sites like Digital Reflection Panel. Like many other people, data privacy is a major concern to me, as I’m sure it is for you. That is why I had to browse through the web to find some Digital Reflection Panel reviews to find out more about what people saying about Digital Reflection.

I discovered that privacy shouldn’t be much of a concern for Digital Reflection members. The platform only collects non-identifying information from your device like the time spent online, time of day, the device used, website visits and more. Furthermore, they encrypt personal information, including account logins and bank details, to make sure your information doesn’t land on the wrong hands. Although the site is pretty unconventional, it pays its members; thus, a reasonably legit platform.



It could be that Digital Reflection as a platform didn’t exactly appeal to you or you were so impressed with it that you want similar survey sites to help you earn money like it. Whichever the case, here are some great Digital panel reflection options you can consider.

  • Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel : The panel also works to track how you use your phone. You only need to install the app on your phone and let it stay active in the background. If you leave it running, you will earn small bonuses every 3 to 6 weeks. You can also install the app on two other devices, giving you a total of three earning possibilities. From each device, you get $50, which translates to a cumulative total of $150 per year.
  • Sweatcoin: The platform literally pays you to walk by tracking and verifying your outdoor steps on using your smartphone app. They convert your steps to a currency called Sweatcoins. The more you walk, the more steps you make and the more you earn. When your Sweatcoins accumulate, you can redeem them for products like Apple watches or services, PayPal cash or pay for some experiences.
  • SavvyConnect : A popular market research site with a passive income potential. You only need to install it on any 3 three devices and make money when you leave the apps and extensions running. You can earn $5 per device, which means you will get $5 monthly. It translates to $180 per year. They pay you for helping them track your phone and internet usage and use the information to help their clients. Your information will be safe, and it can’t be traced back to you.
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Digital Reflection Panel

  • Only accept US residents
  • Internet meter installation will earn you a bonus of $25
  • Offers multiple money-making opportunities
  • Multiple payment options




Although the Digital Reflection Panel concept is unconventional compared to many other similar sites online. You don’t have to answer any questions or review content; you just leave their meter to run in the background to earn you passive income. If you are looking for a new way to make cash, you can try signing up on the information collection site. However, if you want alternative sites or want to boost your earning potential, you can check out similar sites like Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel. Remember to share this review with your friends and family. Rights reserved.

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