Focus Group Review

Focus Group Review

If you are looking for a new money-making opportunity online, you can try Focus Group. Focus Group by Schlesinger is a market research and data collection website that serves to offer its clients qualitative and quantitative market research solutions. The focus group website has been in operation for the last 30 years, since 1988. Focus Pointe Global started with one centre in Philadelphia, but it has since grown, now enjoying global reach.

It now boasts over 18 focus group centres, which function to run in-person focus groups while coordinating the remote focus group experiences. They offer different ways to get paid, including online communities, online surveys, in-person groups, telephone interviews, and more. Primarily, the focus on the UK, the USA, Spanish and German markets.

Focus Group

Focus Group

  • Able to earn a significant amount of money if qualified
  • Only be able to qualify if you live in the same area as their offices
  •  Will take quite some time to receive your earnings
  • High payout threshold
Focusgroup Review Pros
  • Offers flexible schedules.
  • Pays well.
  • Exciting sweepstakes.
  • Provides a wide range of interesting topics.
  • Some reviewers complain of payment issues.
  • Nearly non-existent customer support.

Key Considerations before Signing Up on Focus

Before you sign up to become a member of the Focus Pointe Global owned website, there are some important things that you should consider. They are:

  • The payments vary from project to another.
  • Payment can be in cash or through gift cards, pre-paid Visa cards, or checks.
  • An interview takes about 2 hours.

Features and Benefits

Getting Started

If you want to join Focus Pointe Global, you should make sure that you keep in mind these four important things.

  • Eligibility: Focus Pointe Global will give you a brief screening survey that will help them determine the products and services you are acquainted with. The answers you provide will form the basis upon which the website will determine whether you are a good fit for a needed focus group. If you are, you will move to the next step. However, it would help if you understood that they accept US residents only.
  • Verification: Here, you will have to speak with a representative from Focus Pointe Global whose job is to confirm whether the answers you provided are correct. You may be asked some other questions too.
  • Confirmation: The Focus Group will begin working to identify the best candidates for an upcoming study. If you are lucky to be among the chosen participants, you will get a confirmation message via your email address.
  • Participation: The Focus Group will set a location, and you will be required to share your thoughts and experience.
How It Works

How it Works

The primary focus of these focus groups is to collect data, give an analysis of opinions shared and decipher what works best, how it works or what doesn’t work, and why from a wide range of topics and fields. For them to get their hands on such information, they have to put together focus groups online, over the phone, or in-person to seek their insights and experiences, and get paid for it.

Provided that you are eligible, you will find that their sign up process is pretty simple. All you have to do is fill out your basic information while being as honest as possible. Once you are a match, you will receive a confirmation email.

However, for them to most likely contact you to participate in one of their focus groups, you must be living in cities where the website owns offices, for instance, if you stay in New York or Los Angeles, you are likely to be contacted by the website.

They offer focus groups, but you will also get other opportunities to get paid from the platform, including market research studies. They could cover shop-along studies or in-home interviews. It will be up to you to choose your desired method to make money from your home’s comfort. The chances are that you might find something unique to the website only.

Payments and Reward Options

As mentioned earlier, the rate of pay varies from project to another. They make payments via checks, pre-paid Visa cards, or gift cards. They pay participants anywhere from $75 to$150. Most of these surveys will take about 2 hours of your time. Some of the reward options are:

  • Telephone Interviews: When you participate in telephone interviews, you will get paid via pre-paid Visa cards. Usually, it takes about 6 to 8 weeks for your rewards to arrive. However, some studies may take a shorter time. The payment will be processed shortly after that task comes to an end.
  • In-Person Rewards: When you take part in in-person focus groups or market research tasks, you will receive payments via checks or pre-paid Visa card when the session comes to an end. However, you can get your payment in the form of coupons or rewards as well. The good thing is that it is explicitly outlined to you before you take your study.
  • In-Depth Online Research: You will get payments pretty much how you got paid when participating in in-person tasks. Once the session comes to an end, you can expect your prizes, cash, gift cards, or coupons after 6-8 weeks.
  • Online Rewards: When you take part in surveys, you receive payment in the form of Online Focus Pointes, which you will find in your online account. The pay can be anywhere from 100 to 1,000 Pointes. 100 Pointes translates to $1. Once these points accumulate to 2,000, if you want, you can go ahead and cash out. However, if you have passed three months since you participated in the survey, you can also cash out when you want to.
Social Proof

Social Proof

I decided to surf through different pages on the internet to review what people think about these focus groups. I discovered that people could make money from taking the online surveys they offer or taking part in in-person or telephone surveys. Many reviews contend that this is a legitimate site and can be an incredible way of earning some extra cash.


If you joined Focus Group by Schlesinger and you liked it and are looking for other viable alternatives, these three websites can be great places to start.

  • PointClub : Another independently-owned market research platform that rewards its members for participating in online surveys, among other money-making opportunities. It is available to residents from different parts of the world, including France, Brazil, the US, and Canada. When you become a member, you immediately receive 500 free points.
  • Branded Surveys : The site also offers you an opportunity to earn for answering surveys. They can reward you via gift cards or cash. Members from the UK, the US, and Canada can free choose to join as members. You get the chance to participate in different topics and receive rewards for it. When your points reach a threshold of 1,000 points, you can redeem them for gift cards or rewards. You can also make secure payments via PayPal when you want.
  • Tellwut : This is an online community that is open to residents of the USA and Canada. When you sign up on Tellwut, you become a member and help them by sharing your insights and opinions on a wide range of topics, including social media activities, to earn rewards. It boasts of a membership of 750,000 plus. For every task you complete, you are rewarded with points that you can exchange for vouchers. For instance, you can exchange 4,000 points for an Amazon gift card worth $10 if you want.
Focus Group

Focus Group

  • Able to earn a significant amount of money if qualified
  • Only be able to qualify if you live in the same area as their offices
  •  Will take quite some time to receive your earnings
  • High payout threshold




This is yet another incredible way to make extra money to settle some of your bills. Provided that you are a US citizen and eligible, you can sign up on the website and participate in the focus group, an online survey, and other market research projects to make extra cash from your home’s comfort. However, if you don’t like the site or want other similar sites to earn money, you can try Branded Surveys or PointClub. Don’t hesitate to share with friends and family if you liked this review.

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