EarnHoney Review

EarnHoney review

Being the best at something is really hard to do when you’re surrounded by competition from everyone and everything. Staying the best is even harder because as you grow and prosper, so your competitors get to know how you do business, what your strategies are, what shortcuts they can take to get there faster, and then still steal your clients along the way!

Being second-best is all right, at times. That “front and center” feeling of crosshairs isn’t on your back all the time, and all you have to do is keep up with the best to still be second best.

When you don’t know who “the best” is, but know that you’re second-best, you can still enjoy being the best in your field, but you couldn’t be best overall because, well, you’re second best, remember?

Get-Paid-To (GPT) sites are like that, each one vying for the attention of 10 million users who are all over the internet at the same time, all trying to make more money than they made last month, and more money than their neighbor made last month.

Keeping up with the neighbors is hard, but if you sign up to a few GPT sites at a time, and are really patient while you earn those extra bucks, it does pay off in a little while. What’s harder than keeping up with the neighbors, though, is trying to figure out which sites to join and which are scam sites or not really worth your time and effort.

EarnHoney is a relatively new name in the market, and claim to be “ranked as one of the top two sites to earn money in your spare time.”Now, we’re not sure who ranked #1 and we’re not sure who ranked them or where, either, but this EarnHoney review will give you the lowdown on this GPT site.



  • Free to join
  • Offers good payout methods
  • Not many earning opportunities
  • Poor usability

Who is EarnHoney?
who is earnhoney

Established in 2015, EarnHoney is part of a larger portfolio of websites owned and operated by BayBee LLC. EarnHoney is managed by DoGood Media (established in 2014), with headquarters in Chicago, two additional US offices, and another in Brazil. DoGood Media is also a member of the OPTin Network group.

What is EarnHoney?

EarnHoney is another market research platform that rewards its members for their opinions, actions (keystrokes), personal information, and time. Their proprietary panel platform offers members ways to earn extra cash from home or on-the-go through the EarnHoney app.

Red flags:   Out of curiosity, I followed the links on the EarnHoney home page that indicate that MSN, Huffington Post, and Business Insider had featured EarnHoney on their respective sites. The MSN link was a dead link, and the other two links are simply survey reviews.


The Huffington Post article originates out of Greece and is dated 27/07/2017. The Business Insider article is dated 24/07/2017.


The Business Insider article claims to have used a post on reddit as inspiration for the review. Interestingly, the same post is dated roughly 2017, too.

How Does EarnHoney Work?

Much like GrabPoints, EarnHoney has a ton of info on their website – once you’ve signed up as a member. There are a number of ways to make money online or via your Android device on the EarnHoney app.

Red flags:   There are only about 400 reviews on the Google Play Store for the EarnHoney app. Overwhelmingly, those ratings are between 1-star and 2-star ratings, resulting in an overall score of 1.8 stars.

Reading through the comments posted in the user reviews, EarnHoney stopped responding to reviews (either good or bad) around 2018. This is also around the time that HoneyDollars (as a points system) were discontinued in favor of OPTin coins.

What Activities Does EarnHoney Offer?
Activities EarnHoney Offer

Activity 1: Answering surveys

This is probably the fastest way to start earning extra cash from home, mostly because if you’ve completed one survey, you’ve completed hundreds of them by now. The basics don’t change and the biggest challenge with most GPT sites that offer surveys as a way to make extra money is getting to grips with their layouts and menu options.

Red flags:   The EarnHoney site is confusing for a lot of users, including the signup process. Potential members talk about not being able to make it past the CAPTCHA code screen, or they can find no way to enter a ZIP code that allows them to finish the registration process, or worse still, that once they do sign up, the amount of survey invites are limited, at best.

Note that EarnHoney is US-based, and most of the available surveys will exclude other regions by default – unless EarnHoney have stakeholders in those regions.

Activity 2: Watching videos  

From what I could gather when checking out member reviews across the internet, streaming and watching videos is probably going to be the best and fastest way to make money with EarnHoney. We found that the best way to stand a chance of earning roughly $1 a day was to stream videos.

The catch? Depending on your connection and signal, you can really only earn anything if your videos are in focus. And if you’re US-based, of course.

The videos you click to watch are hosted by BuzzTV and VideoLoyalty. Both companies are BayBee LLC subsidiaries. Watching five videos will earn you about 1 cent.

Red flags:   Unlike most other GPT sites that offer videos as a way to earn extra cash or rewards, EarnHoney has you following link after link, via Facebook and partner websites, to watch videos. It’s overly-complicated, time-consuming, and falsely contributes to the popularity of those links in search rankings.


There are also no indicators that let you know if your views have been registered, if the connection is viable enough to count, or if those keystrokes are being acknowledged on any system, anywhere.


Note that EarnHoney does have a User Panel where you can check what your current credit is (OPTin coins), but we caution you to not get too excited as the rewards are really quite low, compared to other sites like GrabPoints (for example).


Activity 3: Completing tasks

These could be anything from installing a meter on your Chrome Android app, to referring friends to EarnHoney, to downloading other apps or games.

Red flags:   As with most of these sites, tasks are few and far between, with millions of members all clicking at the same time. Again, if you’re not US-based, you can expect this portion of the site to be worthless to you.


Note that most apps and add-ins from any of these GPT-sites will most likely need to be installed for a set amount of time to qualify for rewards.

Activity 4: Playing games

If you really had no other ideas about how to make money online, you could always spend your day playing games, and earning extra OPTin coins by playing games and watching the pop-up ads that are standard in most online gaming environments and platforms.

Activity 5: Referral program

You could always refer a friend to join EarnHoney, and earn 10% of everything your friend earns while they remain a member of EarnHoney.

Red flags:   10% of a penny is 0.10 cents. Your friend would have to do ten tasks, each worth about a penny, for you to earn 1 cent. You would also have to hope that your referred friend has time to complete ten tasks worth a cent each, or you lose your own 1 cent in referral earnings.

How can I make points quickly with EarnHoney?
Make Points Earnhoney

Yeah, we aren’t sure it’s even possible to earn any points (OPTin coins) in any great hurry here. Much like GrabPoints, it’s also not possible to tell what about this site will appeal to you and which parts of it you would choose to make money from.

If you could do at least one task from each of the five activities every day, you’re probably going to eventually earn enough to cash out into a reward.

How much money can you make with EarnHoney?

Considering that each OPTin point is actually only worth about a penny to begin with, it is possible to make some money with EarnHoney. We just really don’t see how they could ever be ranked as a top-paying site by anyone. Even ranking second seems like quite a stretch.

And when you use international survey sites but live in an obscure country somewhere in the world, your earning potential is somewhat less than anyone who lives in the study region. When a site like EarnHoney claims that it financially rewards its users three times quicker than other sites, you need to be aware of the fact that those claims are US-based.

Red flags:   Your earning potential is chump change, at best.

Region, region, region!

What Rewards Do EarnHoney Offer?

EarnHoney claims to pay out within 2-to-3 business days, but member reviews have been complaining about a lack of communication, lack of payouts, and a lack of feedback from support staff since roughly 2018.

If you were to be able to earn enough OPTin coins for a cash out, you could get paid through PayPal, pre-paid Visa gift cards, and Amazon gift cards. You could also donate your OPTin coins to various charities, or get paid in OPTins (which is basically considered to be cryptocurrency).

Pros and cons of EarnHoney

Although our review covered each of these, let’s take a brief look at all the red flags again:

Red flag 1: Dead links

Featured articles that are really just survey reviews by some person

Red flag 2: Low member ratings across all reviews

Low response rate of support staff in the past couple of years

Red flag 3: Site is confusing and not very well laid out

Bugs and errors plague the site

Red flag 4: Multiple redirtects before you can watch videos to earn extra cash

Red flag 5: Tasks are few and far between, but this could also be due to regional limitations

Red flag 6: Your earning potential is chump change, at best.

The pros and cons of signing up with EarnHoney are:


  • No, we couldn’t really find any of those.


  • Broken links to reviews that are dubious
  • Multiple redirects and confusing layouts
  • You’re going to need a whole lot of time to do a whole lot of very little
  • Regions and countries outside of the study region are not worth signing up from
  • Earnings are exaggerated (to say the least)


  • Free to join
  • Offers good payout methods
  • Not many earning opportunities
  • Poor usability

Legit or Scam

Is EarnHoney legit or a scam site?

On the opposite end of the review ratings from members, there are a few 4-star and 5-star ratings to be found. Check out the reviews for yourself on TrustPilot, the Better Business Bureau, and the Google Play Store, but the vast majority is way lower than that.

Our final verdict? If you want better earning potential from a site that claims to be one of the highest-paying GPT sites in the world, then check out our GrabPoints review here.

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