MusicXray Review

MusicXray Review

There are very few people who would recall hearing any songs by the South-African band, Clout. In 1978, Clout burst onto the international music scene with a cover version of a song called Substitute, a cover version of the Righteous Brothers’ 1975 hit of the same name.

A success in its own right, Clout’s Substitute dominated music charts worldwide and topped the US Billboard Hot 100 charts at #67, although they did have other songs from the same album that impacted worldwide charts around that time. History tells us that this was Clout’s most successful part of their career as a band.

Of course, there are other Substitutes, movies in Italian, French, English, Danish, Yugoslavian, and even music; The Who had a song called Substitute. The concept of substitution (replacing one thing with another, often with something of greater value in a different way) is obviously not new to most of us.

This Music Xray review is one of those; a substitution. And substitutions happen because we can’t find the exact thing we’re looking for, right?

A check of the Music Xray website reveals that the Get-Paid-To Listen (Fan Match) feature is no longer accepting sign-ups. Unable to give you a review of Music Xray, we thought it best to substitute that with something else.

So without further ado, let’s take a brief look at alternative Get-Paid-To (GPT) sites and apps that we have already reviewed (some good, and some not so good), and find substitutes it makes sense to sign up for.



  • Low earning potential
  • Limited earning opportunities
  • Fairly high payout threshold
  • Get-Paid-To Listen (Fan Match) feature is no longer accepting sign-ups

Survey Guide’s Top 5 GPT websites


MyView Company Background

Guaranteeing payment on completed surveys is one thing, but making it hassle-free is a bonus. One of our favorite GPT sites, MyView has a huge variety of paid survey work.

Expect to receive more-than-the-average amount of emails with survey invites, although you can log in to your account on the site at any time and browse for more. MyView also rewards for disqualifications and profile surveys.

Member support is reliable and knowledgeable, and the team encourages suggestions for improvement from its members. With a low cash out threshold of just $15, MyView also boasts a great reputation for honoring rewards payouts, although there is no PayPal cash out option.

For U.S. residents only, remember to keep your account active for 90+ days to avoid losing your accumulated points.

Read our full review here:



Another site known for its prompt payment policies, Hinsters is free to join, but may need some personal information from you. To complete the registration process, information such as your name, an active email address (to follow the confirmation link they will send you), and even your phone number are required. You may also be asked for a photo ID.

While not offering as many surveys as MyView does, Hinsters does reward you with an instant $5 bonus for signing up. We strongly suggest you familiarize yourself with Hinsters’ terms and conditions, as they’re pretty strict with their violation policies.

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Focus Group:

Focusgroup Review

With in-person focus group centres and remote focus group projects on the go, Focus Group offer a wide range of topics and a few different ways to get paid. Membership is primarily open to residents of the UK, the USA, Spain, and Germany.

Some of the great ways you can make money online with Focus Group is through online communities, exciting sweepstakes, online surveys, in-person group focus sessions, telephone interviews, and more. You can expect the average interview to take about 2 hours.

Payments vary from project to project, and can be cashed out in cash or through gift cards, pre-paid Visa cards, or checks. Another plus, Focus Group has a reputation for paying well.

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What Users Do:

Whatusersdo homepage preview

WhatUsersDo is an online user testing website that offer reasonable payouts for the tests you complete. WhatUsersDo may not send out many invites to test, but you can improve your chances of getting more invitations by being actively involved and present for all tests because most tests also have a very short expiration time to complete.

One of the great reasons WhatUsersDo made this list is that you can make real money instead of just points or gift cards, and they accept members from multiple countries worldwide. Be aware though that this is another panel that has strict terms and conditions.

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Ipsos I-Say:

Ipsos I-Say Company-Background

As survey layouts go, this one seems a bit old-fashioned and “blocky” at times, but the site and the surveys sent out via email are responsive and simple to follow. It may at times seem like you’ve been busy on the same screen for what feels like half an hour, only to realize that you’re 90% of the way completed anyway.

Ipsos I-Say pays quite well for their surveys, and there are no arguments about which surveys you did or did not qualify for; they’re pretty upfront about that. All indications (and our personal experiences, too) are that Ipsos I-Say take member payouts seriously, and although some reviews indicate otherwise, they do pay – and fast.

Reward points are accumulated to minimum reward payout threshold, so to cash in a PayPal reward, you would need 1,000 points, etc. Rewards are region-specific, and may differ in your country.

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Survey Guide’s Top 5 GPT apps

Surveys On The Go:

Available for Android iOS, Surveys On The Go (SOTG) is a market research app that rewards you with cash and gift cards for sharing your opinion on surveys and products tested. When cashing out your rewards, keep in mind that the minimum payout threshold is $10.

Invitations are sent via notifications from the app, which does not slow your phone down, has a great interface, is free to install, and runs in the background. You may need to disable your location services if your device constantly tries to update its location.

Be aware that your earning potential is greatly influenced by your location. SOTG may also not be available in your region.

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UserFeel review


UserFeel has a strong focus on website usability tests. This means that testers (members of this panel) visit websites and apps and explore their ease of use and responsiveness. This is how website owners generally find and fix usability issues.

While UserFeel does pay relatively well for each task (scenario) they give you, it’s a lot more complicated than the average GPT survey site. You may need a bit more technical know-how than most for some scenarios, but it’s still a great way to have fun and earn extra cash.

Payment is made once the results of your test scenario are verified.

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The LifePoints panel, otherwise known as Global Test Market, is open to new members worldwide, but specific surveys in your region could limit your earning potential on this app.

LifePoints has so many activities and short, quick surveys available that it’s easy to get lost “down the rabbit hole” while completing activities. Rewards are easy enough to earn, with a wide variety to choose from.

LifePoints also boasts a great customer service team.

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The Smart App Community is an invitation-only GPT app that tracks your buying habits, locations visited, shopping or browsing trends, and more. The Smart App Community panel app runs in the background of your phone, collecting background information for market research trends.

Early in 2020, Verto Analytics began an expansion and rollout of its updated behavioural research analytics platform in the United States, at a total cost of $16 million for the project!

Perhaps the best parts of this app’s features are that there are no activities (other than setting it up), no surveys to complete, and no effort needed from you once installed. Yep, this is a passive income. Best of all, the Smart App Community rewards your loyalty by adding cash incentives every quarter that double your earnings.

Read our full review here:


BestSurveySites ZoomBucks

Available in the UK, Canada, and USA, Zoombucks also offers limited surveys worldwide. Additionally, you could watch videos, browse offerwalls, download apps, or join their referral program to earn money. Interestingly, Zoombucks pays out in Bitcoin (or PayPal).

Rewards include a wide selection of popular retail and gaming gift cards, like the PlayStation Store, iTunes, Steam, Xbox Live, Google Play Store, Amazon, Netflix, Apple iStore, Roblox, Minecraft, Gap, Macy’s, Spotify and so much more! A minimum payout threshold of just $3 and a 48-hour payout window make Zoombucks the most accessible and value-for-money app on our list.

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Survey Guide’s Top 5 GPT sites and apps to avoid

Opinion City:


OpinionCity presents a few alarming red flags:

Red flag #1 – No way to earn cash or rewards

More of a central location for links than an actual GPT site, we’re not sure if these are all referral and affiliate links but we find no way to make money online (or even earn rewards directly) with Opinion City – unless you sign up with another website in their listings and get paid there. And why would you sign up to one of their linked sites if you can go and sign up directly with that same site and not give away affiliate bucks to some link repository?

We’re NOT saying this is how it is, just how it looks.

Red flag #2 – Dishonest claims about earning potential on their site

While it may be possible to earn $75 from this site in total, that’s going to take you a whole lot of time! More so if you’re not signing up directly with one of those linked sites displayed on your OpinionCity dashboard.

Red flag #3 – Inconsistent reviews

One minute hot, the next cold, reviews fluctuate between ecstatic at five stars and downright disgusted at 1 star – and that’s only because zero is not a star (yet). It’s difficult to tell the fake from the real reviews because of the stark contrasts.

Even worse, if all user reviews for a particular site are less than a perfect five stars, how can OpinionCity give that site’s listing five stars on its own site? Shoddy customer service remains shoddy customer service, even if you dress it up in bells and whistles!

Red flag #4 – Social media

Facebook states that OpinionCity’s website goes against their terms of service and refuses to publish any links that contain the “” text string.

Read our full review here:



AppCoiner relies on mobile app reviews to generate commission as a business model. The process involves you (the member) reviewing products, posting reviews and affiliate links on your own website, and then hoping that someone purchases said app so you can earn your commission. And unless you already own a high-traffic website, it’s not a great way to earn extra cash.

The app does have a couple of nice benefits such as there’s no limit on how many reviews you can do, and submitting comprehensive reviews is easy and doesn’t require any specific writing skills. It’s also pretty easy to make money with this app – once you’ve registered.

However, with so many free-to-join GPT options out there, paying AppCoiner $27 as a registration fee so you can start earning commission is ridiculous.

Read our full review here:



Another app similar to SmartPanel is MobileXpression, an app that runs in the background, tracking and recording usage trends on your mobile device. Rewards are earned when you participate in MobileXpression’s market research activities, while the app is a passive income.

A few pros stand out, but not enough of them to balance the cons we found in our research. For example, you can take surveys on the go from anywhere, BUT the VPN you’re forced to install is not reliable. You can earn points while you sleep, BUT the two apps combined drain your battery trying to ping every signal tower for miles around.

You have a great choice of rewards available to you once you’ve reached payout threshold for them, BUT numerous reviews claim that accounts are suspended as soon as you try to cash out your points for gift cards.

The list goes on, BUT we’re sure you get the point. Right?

Read our full review here:

Digital Reflection Panel:


Digital Reflection Panel is a rewards-based program that tracks members’ internet usage. The pay is great, and as passive incomes go, this one also offers multiple survey opportunities. There are also great bonuses and rewards to choose from.

To start earning a passive income with Digital Reflection Panel you will need to install an internet meter on your router. This then tracks, collects, and records members’ usage data. Yeah, we didn’t like that either.

Read our full review here:



  • Low earning potential
  • Limited earning opportunities
  • Fairly high payout threshold
  • Get-Paid-To Listen (Fan Match) feature is no longer accepting sign-ups


SurveyWorld Pros Cons

Last on our list of GPT sites and apps to avoid, SurveyWorld made our naughty list for a few reasons. As they deal with third-party companies, signing up is rather difficult – finding a join link or form on their site is not easy.

SurveyWorld does however have a huge social media following (especially on Facebook!), yet we could not really find much information that would assure us there are real people behind this GPT site.

You’re welcome to browse their FAQ and check out your earning potential (according to the hype) on their website, but the earning potential here remains relatively low.

There are so many higher-paying, more transparent, and better still, direct ways of earning extra cash online from other GPT sites. Why bother with this one?

Read our full review here:

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