Whatusersdo Review

Whatusersdo Review

Are you looking for a new way of making money online? You can consider signing up on Whatusersdo, which has been in existence since 2008, based in London, UK. Whatusersdo is an online usability testing or user testing website owned by UserZoom with over 30,000 panelists. It claims to do two things; one, offer a helping hand to companies by scouring the internet to find testers to evaluate their sites and two, pay these testers to take part in the tests while determining user impressions and habits.

However, the question that lingers on every potential member is, can you really make money on the What users do platform? The concept of user testing website is pretty genius since many big websites need significant amounts of testing. The good thing is someone has to be paid to do these tests. That is where what users do comes in.



  • Decent pay per test
  • Minimal test per month
  • Make real money instead of gift certificates
  • Accepts members from various countries

Whatusersdo will scout, recruit, and organise potential testers to help a client company fulfill their testing needs. Inasmuch as Whatusersdo helps their clients test their website, they also help their members to get paid. Pros Cons Pros

  • Offer decent pay per test.
  • Users can improve their chances of getting paid.
  • You make real money as opposed to points/gift cards.
  • Accept members from multiple countries.
  • Improving your chances of getting more invitations is possible.


  • Minimal tests per month.
  • Very short expiration time.
  • Any tiny overnight can disqualify you from getting paid.

Things to Consider before Joining Whatusersdo

Before you even think of signing up on Whatusersdo, there are simple things you must fulfill first. Since this is a user testing platform, there are some things you should make sure you have. Some of these things are:

  • Fast internet connection.
  • Decent laptop.
  • Microphone or find a laptop with a built-in microphone.
  • Supported web browsers i.e., Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 7 and above, Safari 3 and above or Firefox 2 and above.
  • PayPal account for receiving payments.

Once you’re sure you meet all these requirements, you can sign up as a member on the site for an opportunity to get paid for your user testing services. The sign-up process is pretty short and simple, which will take you just about 10 minutes max.

Features and Benefits

Get Started

You start with a short and simple sign up process. If you meet all the requirements, this shouldn’t be much of a task. It will involve checking whether your PC meets all the requirements and providing your basic information. Once you get all these things done, the final step would be to download the Whatusersdo Screen Recorder.

How it Works

How it Works

The next step is to take a practice test. It involves testing your microphone. You may have to be a little patient because it may take a while before everything gets sorted out. Once your microphone is in proper working condition, you will be ready to proceed. However, if they notice your microphone isn’t properly working, you immediately lose your chance to get paid for tests. The next step is filling out a questionnaire so that they can get your demographic information. When you pass all these tests, you become an official tester on Whatusersdo and ready to start testing.

Unlike other similar platforms, you don’t need to log in to see whether there are any available tests. You wait until you receive an invitation via your email address. Once you receive the email, make sure you respond as quickly as possible. If you take too long, you might miss out on your chance. The slots will get filled out. In most cases, these tests last about 15-20 minutes after receipt of the invitation email.

The email will come with explicit instructions on everything you are supposed to do, including the sites you should visit and what you are expected to do there. They often ask testers to search for particular items, scroll through the website, and add an item to your cart. There are several things they can require from you. They shouldn’t be too difficult to accomplish. However, you have to keep in mind that the test frequency is pretty low. Typically, you get about 3 to 5 invitations per month from the website.

How to get paid

How to Get Paid

Since you know how everything works, you should now get ready to start earning some extra cash from your home’s comfort.

Once you accept a test invitation in time, you will receive a payment of $5 per test. They don’t pay their members in the form of gift cards, sweepstakes, or points; you make money after each test. However, you have to make sure that your PayPal account is all set up. Furthermore, there is no threshold for redemption. All of your earnings will be sent to you on the 25th of the next month. You don’t even have to make a payment request to receive cash via Paypal.

Typically, the test takes approximately 20 minutes of your time. The instructions should make everything effortless for you to make some extra cash. It should be simple, even if you haven’t done any user testing tasks before. You immediately get the hang of things, especially using the Screen Recorder and microphone. To get more invitations, make sure that you are as honest as possible when filling out your demographic profile. Attention to detail and honesty will get you paid.

You will realise that Whatusersdo tries to keep everything simple for you. You only need to take your tests and wait for your payment. This makes the website very unique. Even from other What users do reviews, a lot of people like the idea, especially since they send payments via Paypal.

Social Proof

Upon scouring the internet for Whatusersdo reviews to see how other people review the website, I realised that many people actually make some extra money by taking time to take these tests. Some Whatusersdo reviews even indicated that it is possible to get mobile testing gigs too. Before you sign up on any market research website or user testing account, always check online on what other people think about these platforms. For instance, checking what users do review will give you some insight into the platform’s legitimacy in time.

Whatusersdo Website Alternatives

The usability testing industry is rapidly growing, with many other user testing platforms coming up, giving more people a chance to make money online, from the comfort of their homes. Apart from the Whatusersdo website, you can consider many other alternatives if you feel like the site isn’t your cup of tea. Some of these sites are:

  • UserTesting: A very big player in the game. It comes with some pretty incredible features like Live Conversations that give you a chance to have a one-on-one conversation with other participants. According to many reviews, the Highlight Reel feature on UserTesting is the most outstanding feature of the website. The offer offers participant video recordings of the key moments during a particular test. A lot of people also think that they have a stellar customer service team.
  • Validately: The site’s primary focus is handling all the details whereas the study’s organisers focus on the questions and tasks. Therefore, participants just need to wait and establish the eligibility criteria for a suitable person to take the test, and the website handles the rest. Essentially, they recruit, set up, and carry out the tests. Many user reviews agree that their video chat facility is top-notch; thus, there is no need for downloading additional apps or plugins.
  • Loop11: They mainly focus on unmoderated remote tests. The site features a wide range of testing tools like testing of prototype sites or live websites, A/B testing, clickstream analysis, and heat maps, among others. It is different from other user testing accounts in that clients need to bring their participants. They practically don’t have a database for participants. Clients can bring in as many clients as they want, although it has to be through their Pro plan.




  • Decent pay per test
  • Minimal test per month
  • Make real money instead of gift certificates
  • Accepts members from various countries




You don’t have to wait for a chance to make money, just sing up on Whatusersdo and try your luck on this opportunity to make extra cash from the comfort of your home. You only need to make sure that you are eligible before signing up. It is a fantastic way of making some little money on the side to sort out some bills during your free time. However, if the website doesn’t appeal to you, the next best alternative is UserTesting. You can try it. If you liked the post, remember to share with your family and friends. Rights reserved.

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