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PointsPrizes refers to a get paid to (GPT) organization that pays people for doing short tasks such as taking surveys, watching videos, playing games, etc. It started in 2016, making it a relatively new survey and GPT site compared to several others. It is based in France, however, it offers openings for many countries.

The PointsPrizes site is very easy to use, with expert design and many offers that have made your period here a good investment. In case you possess a mobile phone, there is an application on google play that allows you to watch paid video ads.

It is a good sign in itself if a GPT website continues to improve and takes user feedback into account. However, this alone does not automatically mean that this is the best choice for you, as it may not yet be. This is a complete PointsPrizes review starting with the pros and cons.

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  • Can make you some extra money
  • A legit site with some good payout methods and quite a lot of ways to earn
  • The amount of opportunities depends a lot on the country you live
  • Has a little high payout threshold
  • A decent GPT site that can be worth checking out

Main Page


  • Good payment options
  • Various methods of earning
  • Good client support options
  • Registering is easy and free
  • Available in most parts of the world


  • A somewhat unclear point system
  • The minimum payment threshold is $20 and this is fairly high
  • Some prizes are lower compared to similar websites
  • The time one takes to complete surveys, polls, and watch video ads is a lot
  • You have to wait for enough points to add up and convert to cash/rewards

Is PointsPrizes Legit?

About Page

Yes. PointsPrizes Company is 100% legitimate.

PointsPrizes is operated and owned by a French corporation known as SAS PointsPrizes and is like other GPT websites like InstaGC and Prizerebel. The company generates revenue by linking you with market research and advertisers companies.

Therefore, every time you complete a job within PointsPrizes, they will receive payment from their partners. Therefore, you can afford to spend a percentage of your income on completing an offer or paid survey.

How Do Pointsprizes Work?

How It Works

First, you need to register. Registration is free and takes not more than 1 minute. All you need to do is provide your email address. You do not have to confirm the email address.

Before looking at the different techniques of earning money, you should recognize that a single point is worth around $0.006. The point value depends on the kind of payment or gift cards you choose.

How are PointsPrizes Rewards Earned?

Earning Opportunities

Paid Surveys

One of the great ways to make money online is a paid survey, and PointsPrizes gives a decent amount.

You have access to various survey routers that you can use to conduct paid surveys from external providers. As the platform has many partners, this also means that you will find some options here.

The number of surveys available depends largely on the country in which you live.

For instance, those in the United States tend to access and qualify for many surveys in survey routers.

However, the benefit of survey routers is that you can generally find many opportunities. The downside is that you often do not qualify for the offered surveys. Sometimes you have to be a little patient to find those which you are eligible to take.

Paid Offers

PointsPrizes has numerous offer walls, a place you can get paid offers. These are divided into two, that is, regular offer and top offers.

These are all types of offers. For example, you can earn a reward by registering for contests, receiving free trials of services/products, downloading apps, and offering additional paid surveys on various offer walls.

The dissimilarity between the offer walls and top offers is that on clicking the top offers you acquire an overview with various particular offers highlighted. By clicking on the offer-walls, you will get a complete list of the offer walls that PointsPrizes has as a partner, and then you may explore them yourself to see the offers that are right for you.

Watching Videos

You can as well earn by watching video ads on PointsPrizes. There are many video options in nearly every category you might think of.

No matter what interests you, you can probably find some great videos to watch.

Earn Money for Playing Games

If you love playing small games online, you may earn a little in the games section of PointsPrizes. However, this section may not be easy to discover. It is in the “Offer wall” section as one of the offer options, even if it is not an offer wall.

You will find many different little games here.

You get 1 extra point for playing a single game. However, please note that these are bonus points and therefore there is a limit on the amount you can get. You can earn a maximum of 750 bonus points. This also comprises the coupon code.

Daily Poll

There is a short survey every day that you can take on PointsPrizes. You only get 5 points, but it does not take long either. If you continue to use the platform, a daily poll may be more than an option.

How Do You Get Free Points on PointsPrizes?

Free Gifts

Claim Coupons

You can find the PointsPrizes coupon codes on the PointsPrizes website and social media. There are points you can earn by using these codes.

However, it does not seem as if they are posted often on social media networks, so don’t expect much. Most posts on their Facebook page are blog posts links on all sorts of random subjects that commonly have nothing connected to GPT options.

In the Coupons section on PointsPrizes site, you can as well see that you may unlock coupons and acquire a few free points.

Remember that acquiring these points requires some effort. To unlock this code, you must select and receive an offer from the popup that appears when you attempt to crack the coupon.

Coupon codes might provide your account with a little boost, however, in the long run, they don’t make a difference. So it’s good to make use of them to get extra points, but don’t waste too much time tracking them.

The points you receive with the coupon codes are within the bonus points. Remember there is a limit of 750 points that you can make like bonus points. So this is not a means to consistently make a profit

Chat and Giveaways

PointsPrizes has another option. It has a chat server with about 150,000 users, a place where you might chat with other participants. As such, you do not earn through chatting and participating, but like a member of the discussion community, you have the opportunity to win gifts between 100 and 10 points per hour.

Referral Points

You might earn commissions by inviting others to participate in PointsPrizes. You will receive a link you can share. When people join via this link, PointsPrizes gives you a 10% commission on all that they earn (this does not reduce their rewards).

PointsPrizes offers tips on the platform on how to share this link and earn this way. The tips make it seem very simple, but keep in mind that it is not as easy as it sounds, and most of the tips do not provide several results.

For example, one of the tips is to share the link via the email address, Facebook groups, and other social media channels. The problem in this regard is that many groups prohibit sending spam with such link and those that allow are saturated with similar links, hence no one can bother following these groups.

It is possible to earn money by recommending it to other people. Note, however, that this may not be as simple as the tips and “training” at PointsPrizes makes it seem.

How Do You Get Free Gifts?

Direct Payment

If you have earned adequate points, that is at least 3000 points. Navigate to the left side of your account and hit on the “Claim Prizes” tab. The site offers a wide variety of points prizes choices and gift card codes that you can claim! Below are the available pricing options.

  • Direct payment (PayPal, Bitcoin): you require a PayPal account and at least 3,000 points. You might have to wait 30 days before getting the payment. The Bitcoin choice is generally not available. If you are patient, you might still receive a payment.
  • Gift Cards: You would get valid gift codes that will be sent to the name email you provided. However, you may have to wait 7 days. You might only receive these codes if you reside in the United States. For those outside the United States, you must select the direct payment technique. There is simply one way to get a cash payment. You might also claim gift cards from other organizations, including eBay, iTunes, Amazon, Netflix, gaming platforms, Steam, and more. The maximum points for gift cards generally exceed 3,000 and differ depending on the website requested.

The data on the site is that “wait times” are a checkmate scam. For accounts with a well-established history, payment is often made before the specified times.

It is similarly significant that you finish offers with 100% correct information. Use the real email address to sign up. Using incorrect information makes it very difficult to accumulate points.

Even if you receive points with incorrect information, a refund can be made at any time and the points will be debited from your account immediately. There are eras when you cannot earn points.

PointsPrizes depend on advertisers to inform them whether they have fruitfully finished an offer or not yet. There are cases where the advertiser might not be fully satisfied with the data you provide. However, you still get a bonus for trying to complete the offer!

What Do Others Say?

PointsPrizes Others Reviews

On scouring the internet and one can see various user review that seems rather positive. This is an indication that signing up and choosing this site is a good choice. Why do you have to miss out? Sign up within less than a minute and get paid offers available on this site.

Alternatives to PointsPrizes

Here are some alternative ways to earn extra cash:


This is an affiliate site that pays you for buying from various sites. It is also a safe and legit site to make extra money.

  • Has a huge signup bonus of $10 whereas PointsPrizes has none
  • The minimum amount to withdraw is $5.01 whereas on PointsPrizes it is $20 which is equivalent to 3000 points which are hard to attain

This site is a good alternative choice. If you like it just join.


At Points2Shop you can earn cash rewards and free points. It is an unrestricted online prizes program that permits you to earn points by playing games, watching videos, and completing surveys. These can be used to claim gift cards or cash earnings.

  • On signing up you receive a bonus of 250 points which are equivalent to $ 2.50 unlike PointsPrizes which does not offer a welcome bonus
  • The appearance of this site is not attractive compared to PointsPrizes site

This is a good site to try, just click here.


Get free Amazon gift cards through completing some simple tasks like watching videos, taking surveys, listening to the radio and much more. On signing up you receive 10 free points.

  • The cashout is very fast compared to PointsPrizes cashout
  • Their referral program earns you 10 points per person compared to PointsPrizes referral program which earns you 2 points per person

In case you consider having a look at this site tap here

Pointsprizes Logo


  • Can make you some extra money
  • A legit site with some good payout methods and quite a lot of ways to earn
  • The amount of opportunities depends a lot on the country you live
  • Has a little high payout threshold
  • A decent GPT site that can be worth checking out




PointsPrizes is a legitimate website to make money and it is a real registered company with a France address. Compared to similar websites, this is a decent choice, and they have improved the platform considerably since its launch.

In case you need to join, you can click here. Registration takes less than a minute and you can begin earning immediately. This PointsPrizes review includes a detailed description of how you can earn points and earn money after signing up.

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