GrabPoints Review

GrabPoints Review

A job well done is a job well done, no matter how small that job is, or how big it ends up being. And being paid what you think you’re worth is a big part of that.

Grab Points is like that. Their website claims they’re the “highest-paying survey site in the world” and that “no other survey site pays as much as GrabPoints” for completed tasks.

Yeah, we hear you. We were skeptical, too.

You may by now know that we’re not big fans of GPT sites that claim they’re survey sites but are actually just a collection of affiliate links. Why work through a third-party site when you can just sign up directly, right?

This GrabPoints review changed our minds on a lot of things, including third-party sites. Here’s why.

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Grab Points

  • Free to join
  • Available worldwide
  • Many earning opportunities
  • Great reward options
  • Some countries might not have so many opportunities
What is GrabPoints

What is GrabPoints?

Located and operating out of Hong Kong, GrabPoints is a rewards-based Get-Paid-To (GPT) site that made its way into the market in 2014.

Being so new on the scene means you have to be bigger and better than the rest to make it, but GrabPoints compares quite favorably with other GPT sites that pay you to perform tasks.

These tasks could be something as simple as completing a survey, watching a video, or reviewing products and features of apps on your mobile device.

How Does GrabPoints Work?

There is a LOT of information on their site once you’ve signed up as a member, but the greatest part about signing up is profile completion. In just four steps, you’re on your way to earning extra cash and gift cards, but there is so much to go through initially that you may get lost down another of Alice’s rabbit holes in the process!

Watching videos  

Always my most-favorite way to earn extra cash, watching videos is likely to also be the most time-consuming and dedicated part about earning extra money from home or on-the-go. And if you have kids in the house, it’s a great way to involve them in earning extra pocket money by helping you watch boring videos.

Download apps

In general, we’re not fans of downloading apps on our mobile devices that we’re never going to use. If you find yourself with nothing better to do, you can check out the offers with games and other apps available for download and see if there’s a useful bargain in there somewhere.

Note: Be aware that most apps need to be installed for a set amount of time to qualify for any reward points.

Answering surveys

This is probably the one task that everyone is familiar with by now: taking surveys. And although it gets boring sitting there for days on end waiting for your invites to arrive by email, GrabPoints has a wall offering literally hundreds of surveys available.

Note: For added income, be sure to check out the sites listed that indicate “unlimited” as these sites don’t limit the number of surveys you can take per day.

Taking and Completing offers

Here you’ll find surveys listed with product reviews and mixed in with trial- or cashback- offers, and website test tasks. Whatever your preference, this part of the rabbit hole will keep you entertained for hours, chasing down free offers that let you earn cash-on-the-go, or reward points that you can accumulate for bigger rewards and gift cards.

How do you get started with GrabPoints?

How it works GrabPoints review

As previously mentioned, there are just four steps in the process.

Step one: is obviously signing up. You can use your social media accounts, your email address, or your Google account. We used our Google account and the email verification part of the process was eliminated.

Note: While this does make it simpler and less time-consuming to sign up, it bothered us that no password was asked for and no verification email confirmed our signing up to the site. That means that literally anyone could just use a random email address and spam someone’s mailbox!

Step two completes your profile with basic household questions that we’ve all seen so many times on so many of these GPT sites that we could almost answer them in our sleep already. Nothing out of the ordinary here at all and we were done in under 5 minutes. 

Note: As with any other market-research-based type of questions, it’s obvious that the members’ buying power and child shopping influencers in that household play a role in the types of surveys you could receive. 

Step three: was certainly an eye opener! Grab Points has an entire how-to article on getting maximum return out of using their site. The article was well-written, flowed well, and was quite informative, overall. We could not pass this checkpoint until we had followed the link, but it was so worth it.

Note: It takes a while to wade through the sheer bulk of information overload here. Expect to spend at least 10 minutes reading through the how-to article.

Then, of course, you’re on to step four and almost finished with your profile set-up so you can start making money. And this is where it gets a little busy: there are just too many choices to be able to make them all!

The site however is well-laid out and structured in such a way that you remain focused on the task list in front of you. If you’re not sure where to start, you can always check your messages for great tips on which sites are paying and how much.

Note: Your rabbit hole begins here. Keep track of what sites you have and haven’t had a look at or signed up with yet. Hint: Our most-favorite part of this step was discovering the “History” button. 

How much money can you make with GrabPoints?

how much can you make GrabPoints review

As with most GPT sites, rewards here are points-based, with a minimum of 3,000 points needed to cash out. That’s $3. Rewards are allocated within 48 hours.

GrabPoints has a relatively nice selection of rewards and gift cards available from everyone’s favorite choice of retailers. Some categories to choose from include:

Gaming codes:  Roblox, Rixty, Minecraft, Steam, Fortnite, PlayStation Store, and more

Gift cards:  Sarbucks, Netflix, AirBnB, Uber, Spotify, and more

Shopping vouchers:   Macy’s, Walmart, Gap, Target, Amazon, and more

Crypto currency: Bitcoin

Cash options:  via PayPal, Visa, American Express

How can I make points quickly with GrabPoints?

It would be impossible to tell you how long it would take to earn a GrabPoint because we really don’t know what about this site will appeal to you. Where some offers could net you a whole lot of points, a few others could net you much less.

Trial offers could be paid, which means you pay a small fee for a trial period on apps, and when the trial period is over, your credit card will be zapped. They could also be free trial offers, but don’t be fooled; they’ll zap your credit card at the end of the trial period, too.

You could perform tasks for websites, like testing usability and the user experience overall, but may be asked to subscribe, sign up, or enter other personal information in order to make money.

GrabPoints does offer cashback partnered offers, which work much like coupons do. You spend a certain amount of your own cash buying items so that you can earn some reward points from whichever retailer. Those reward points are then normally converted into a cash-represented value, or gift card, and used at the till or exchanged for other goods or services.

The snag here is: you have to buy from retailer A to earn rewards from retailer A, but you can only cash in those rewards at retailer A. Or, you’re buying from retailer A to earn points that eventually add up to rewards from retailer B. The only person making money in these scenarios is the retailer. The only one spending it is you.

Note: Remember to check the fine print on any of the partner- or affiliate- sites you choose to join from within the GrabPoints platform. A great way to do this is to run a quick search of our archives for our review of any particular survey site. If we haven’t had a chance to publish a review for them yet, we’d love for you to remind us in the comments below.

No matter which company you choose to accept an offer from, those offers often have quite specific requirements you will need to adhere to in order to earn those reward points. For example, a survey site will allocate a certain amount of points and a cash-out value for those points to each survey you take. This point-amount could vary or it could remain fixed at some obscure percentage.

In exchange for those rewards, you will need to complete a specific amount of surveys to earn an even-more-specific amount of points in a set period of time (depending on your region, of course).

The problem with international sites when you kind-of live off the deep end of some obscure country somewhere is that your potential income is decidedly less than someone who lives in the study region.

Note: Always try your best to figure out what the earning potential in your region is by sharing your opinions with others. Let us know in the comments below which offers gave you the “highest earning potential” on GrabPoints.

Yeah, we know. We’re still sounding skeptical about GrabPoints being the “highest-paying survey site in the world” and “no other survey site paying as much” for completed tasks.

Points are released once you’ve completed an offer’s requirements, right? So if you’re completing multiple offers per day, you’re almost guaranteed to be earning more than most people on the site (or any other site) could ever hope to earn in any given day. But, to keep it actively going so it continues to pay out so well, it has to become an almost fulltime job.

One last thing that bothered us a little was that “no other survey site pays as much as GrabPoints.”

Technically, GrabPoints is not a survey site. From a traditional point of view, GrabPoints is a library of affiliate links that cost you nothing to click on – and those clicks increase the popularity of the library site.

That said, we really did get lost in the GrabPoints offers when we began this review. Step three of the signup process is definitely recommended – and don’t just skim through it like we did at first. The how-to part of joining this site is recommended for both old hacks and new users of the site.

Pros Cons GrabPoints review

Pros and cons of GrabPoints

There were a few things we noted as we reviewed. To recap briefly, these pros and cons are:


  • A really great selection of tasks
  • Access to unlimited surveys
  • Site is easy to use and visually appealing
  • Great introduction and how-to on getting started
  • High earning potential (in exchange for high effort)
  • Various reward options to choose from


  • Some offers require personal information
  • May need to spend more time than anticipated on the site to make “mega” bucks
  • Regions and countries may be limited in offerings and member rewards
grabpoints logo

Grab Points

  • Free to join
  • Available worldwide
  • Many earning opportunities
  • Great reward options
  • Some countries might not have so many opportunities

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