InstaGC Review

InstaGC Review

If you have been a member of any survey site before, then you understand that not every site is worth joining. Not all are legit, and some will stage an effort to scam you instead of helping you make money. The good news is that there are several good ones; you only need to determine how great the site is before joining.

So, is InstaGC GPT legit and should you join? Here, I will give you an honest InstaGC review to help you find out what it truly offers. I am familiar with the site because I have thoroughly tested it myself. First, understand that InstaGC is a get-paid-to website that allows users to earn cash and instant gift cards for shopping, completing surveys and tasks, watching videos and testing apps.

It has existed since 2011 and is owned by Day Online Solutions, a network of websites that have been in existence since 2007. I will tell you that this site is not a Scam because it has paid me several times. It opens up ways to earn points for every user with a cashback guarantee. Basically, you get paid for doing things you already do online. Let’s dive into details of ways to earn real cash.

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  •  Available worldwide
  • A lot of ways to earn
  • Good earning opportunities
  • Has fun features that are not available on other sites

InstaGC Pros And Cons

InstaGC Pros And Cons

InstaGC Pros:

  • No upsells, 100% free
  • Available in all nations supported by PayPalexcept Vietnam and China
  • You make money with what you already do such as taking a break to watch videos
  • Hundreds of different gift cards

InstaGC Cons:

  • Disqualification from many attempted surveys
  • Slow customer service

InstaGC Things to consider
Things to Consider When Signing Up

InstaGC pays you for specific tasks and for choosing their search engine. One thing I noted about this site is that the pay-out is low just like in all other GPT sites. This means that you should not replace your job with the website. However, some members have claimed to have earned thousands of dollars within a few years.

Understand that for you to get to hit 100 points, you will need to be hyperactive. Getting to the 50-Dollar mark alone requires a lot of effort and time. InstaGC uses points as its currency. One point is equivalent to a Penny, which is $0.01. Before registering, ensure that you:

  • Are a resident of the supported countries, aged 18 years and above or 13 years with the consent of your parent
  • Give factual and accurate information, including your real email address
  • Do not get to use a proxy/VPN
  • Use only one account and name email
  • Do not get to cyberbully anyone
  • Features and Benefits
  • E – gift Cards System

InstaGC allows you to receive your bounty through an ecard system, which is nice because you get to walk away with cash or free gift cards in exchange for doing something you do every day, such as testing an app, shopping, watching a video and completing tasks, among others. This website is run by less than 10 people.

This alone may look vague, considering the bounty it claims to offer. I did my research and found that this website is a large establishment, which gains new followers every day. In 2016, they went ahead to convert cash into credit, something that spiked their success levels. I also found that InstaGC secures an A+ in the reviews, meaning it has a good standing with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and is a top way to earn a living.

Responsive Design

InstaGC is highly rated for its fully responsive design. What that would mean is that their desktop and mobile sites have the same URL, which allows the resizing of any device you choose to use. You only need to keep your browser maximised for the best experience.

Should you choose to view the website in desktop mode from your smartphone, all you have to do is click the menu icon and click on lock desktop mode to access your name email. You will also notice that it is easy to resize or rearrange into the desired size. You can choose to make changes to the Offers Ticker Boxes and the Chat by simply dragging the top title bar.

InstaGC Free Trial Offers
Free Trial Offers

Using their search web to check out other advertiser sites can earn you close to double the points. After 30 minutes of listening into a video, you can expect a code to 3 points as a reward. Taking advantage of the trial offers means testing a product for a period. Before signing up, there are certain things you may need to familiarise with.

Understand that this website lock offers automatically as soon as they get credited by advertisers. The website locks them up for about two weeks to prevent fraud. Upon receiving credit, it may be almost impossible to cancel a trial offer. Note that if closing a different account and your name email has been possible before, it is not applicable on InstaGC because that is considered fraud.

If you choose to sign in to a free trial here, I will advise you to only do so on the ones you are interested in, keeping it in mind that not all guarantee credit. Is there someone you know who would be happy to join InstaGC? If so, encourage them to sign in through you. Doing so will earn you 10% of all their earnings alongside an extra 110 points as soon as they finish signing up.

Free Codes

Bonus codes earn you free points. Follow InstaGC on Facebook and Twitter to keep a better eye on their upcoming offers. There are also independent sites that offer free instaGC codes. Understand that there is no limit to the numberof people who can join a particular code. It means acting fast and being careful to check regularly.

This is a means that helps you earn extra points with little effort. Should you encounter any difficulties with the website, look into their user forum where you will find helpful members who can guide you.

UserTesting HiTech Privacy Policy
Hitech Privacy Policy

There is a wide load of information you will be required to share on this platform. Personally, I was required to include, without limitation, my mailing address, name email, birth date, phone number, gender and bank account details (these details were required because I chose to obtain a direct deposit reward), and my SSN (this one I had to include because I am from the US and had earned more than $600+ in rewards).

I also noticed that this website has a habit of sharing user demographic details with third parties. However, nothing more is shared, which was enough relief. In their privacy policy, you will notice a statement saying that they are not accountable for the privacy of other sites and content policies.

If you do not have a static IP address, expect to be locked out. Although this is not common in many other sites, it is a great feature in terms of protecting not just the company but the user too from fraud.

Statistics Updates

I found this to be a particularly key feature in terms of goal setting. Setting a goal is one very critical step towards showing you the number of points needed for redeeming the gift card you intend to convert.

This feature shows you the percentage remaining for you to achieve your goal. Each time new points are earned the statistics update. In case you choose to alter your goal, you only need to click on the gear button at the top corner of your screen. Then, select the gift card that pleases you the most and learns a new way to earn on the platform.


Some users have complained of the website occasional freezing of points. For points earned from offers, tasks and surveys valued at 225 or more points, they may be frozen for 5 days. Points earned from trial or shopping offers may also be frozen for about 14 days.

InstaGC, however, says that this act is done to prevent and precaution loss. The website also adds that freezing points mean that the user’s tasks are credited.

Social Proof

I have done my part and scoured the internet, and found that some user reviews seemed rather positive. Most of the satisfied customers seemed appealed by the fact that the site’s parent company Day Online Solutions is a BBB accredited business with an A+ rafting. The customers were also pleased by the fact that the website has a low pay-out minimum and pays instantly.

The site was also praised for offering signup bonuses and lots of easy option to earn points. On this site, there is also no limit in terms of the number of people one can recruit, meaning that people like me who have a website, lots of details on referral techniques and the love for watching videos and surfing the internet can make a good deal of rewards.

InstaGC Alternative
InstaGC Alternatives

If you are looking for the best alternative to InstaGC, here are the top legit visiting websites for you. Not only are they similar to InstaGC but also have a little tweak in features, which may be better. The sites also have extraways in which you can make money aside from the surveys and offers.


This is currently one of the best alternatives to instaGC and is one of the most trusted and highest paying GPT. It has amazing features and offers a bonus of $5 as soon as you sign up. One of the best things I noted about this site is that it provides surveys daily for each member worth $200 per month. Take advantage of their referral program; they have the best on this part. They pay through Bitcoin, PayPal and Skrill.

InstaGC vs Superpayme

  • Guaranteed 10 points bonus for new sign-in Non-guaranteed $5 bonus
  • Earn 10 percent for all referrals Earn 25 percent for all referrals

This is the other great alternative to InstaGC. This one also has daily surveys and provides a broad range of ways for making money such as surveys, tasks and offers. Why not give their treasure hunt a shot. This one is worth $100 each time you win. Their cash out method is PayPal, Gift cards and check. Whichever country you are from, your membership will be accepted.

InstaGC vs

  • Earn cash and a gift card Earn cash and treasure items
  • Earn 10 percent from earnings of people you refer Earn 20 percent from referrals


This site is similar to InstaGC and is very popular. It has more than 6 million members and keeps growing daily online. If you are a new member, looking to earn points, expect a bonus of $0.50 for signing up. Their payment method is PayPal, Dwolla, Gift Cards and Check.

InstaGC vs Points2shop

  • Easy sign up Easysign up
  • 10 bonus points 250bonus points
  • Open to members from countries accepting PayPal Open to all countries

instaGC logo


  •  Available worldwide
  • A lot of ways to earn
  • Good earning opportunities
  • Has fun features that are not available on other sites




As seen in this review, InstaGC is a highly rated GPT site that offers a legitimate way to earn money online. You may not make much, but again, you will hardly earn points better than it offers with any other alternative site. If you are a frequent user like me, it means spending more time taking surveys for extra side income.

I mentioned that there are InstaGC users who have made over $1000 within a few years, equivalent to 100 points and beyond. If then you believe you have what it takes to be competitive, InstaGC is a site you should definitely give a try. If you are looking for a real task to handle from home, I will tell you that this GPT website will suit you. Click here to check on this instaGC app to find out more.

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