PaidViewPoint Review

PaidViewPoint Review

Many users across the world are searching for ways to earn extra money due to the current unpredictable and unstable economy. Also, the job industry is much more competitive than yesteryears. It may not be possible to make money by getting a second job, but it would help if you make extra money here and there. The growth of the internet and technology is a huge plus for the self-motivated, enthusiastic individual that want to sharpen their skills to make extra money. Some individuals are incredibly successful such that they earn from web-based jobs and other internet-based endeavours. When it comes to some of us, earning cash on the internet by either filling out survey forms or even freelancing may not be realistic or feasible. However, it can be an incredible way of making extra cash on the side. Although you will not become rich overnight, it is a task that it’s worth your time. Now, one of the best ways to earn on the internet is by undertaking surveys on reliable paid survey sites. Paidviewpoint is one of the best websites offering paid surveys. In this detailed paidviewpoint review, we’ll show you how they run and whether they are legit or not. Read on to learn how this paid survey site works.

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  • A very user-friendly site
  • Very honest site
  • Does not promise more than it can keep
  • A good option if you live in one of the countries where it regularly offers surveys

PaidViewPoint What is PaidViewPoint
What is Paidviewpoint?

Paidviewpoint is an online survey website where you can get gift cards or earn cash for answering simple online surveys. Ask Your Target Market operates paidviewpoint. With your assistance, the company is transforming the market research world by ensuring that quality market research is easily affordable and accessible to the businesses. Perhaps, you have searched many paidviewpoint reviews on the internet with no success. Here, we will show you how paidviewpoint collects data and how they examine it to boost your business. Since the internet provides openings for everybody, including scammers, how do you tell whether paidviewpoint site is legit or not? Well, you will know this by reading this review.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Paid Survey Sites

It is essential to note that there are countless paid survey sites scams out there on the internet. Thus, always scrutinise any potential site you intend to join. Always trust your common sense and judgment. The old saying ‘Think twice if the deal is too good’ applies here. It would be wise if you avoid a site that alleges that you can earn a living by taking surveys only. The individuals that certainly make a living out of surveys have to combine several paying jobs on the sites to get money for their needs. Some sites will get info from you and then consider you unqualified for the surveys, where you could get some cash. What these surveys want is to get info from you for free, tell you that you don’t qualify for the specific review and therefore you do not get paid for your participation in the study. You need to carefully check at the payment method options provided by the potential survey site you intend to join. Check whether the survey website pays via credits, gift cards, deposits cash directly to your bank, or pays via a PayPal account.

PaidViewPoint How Does PaidViewPoint Work
How does Paidviewpoint Work?

The first step is registering for an account. Paidviewpoint site is available and free for as long as you are at least 13 years. The sign-up process is easy and quick since they only need your basic information. The good thing is that you get a dollar upon verifying your email address. Now you’re ready for the surveys. Paidviewpoint offers two types of surveys, the trait surveys and the biz surveys. The company sends you notifications to your email about biz surveys after registration. You qualify for all surveys sent to your email, and the best thing is that they cannot disqualify you halfway through. Besides, you can go a step further and search for the available trait surveys if you don’t get any notification from paidviewpoint. You will get paid for these surveys as well.

How do You Use the Website?

After reviewing the system, we have come up with a short video showing you how exactly the site works. Here is a video showing you how the site works:

Features of Paidviewpoint

Generally, you can get three features at this site. Here are the three primary features of the site:

PaidViewPoint Surveys
Paidviewpoint Surveys

If you want to earn a lot on this site, you need to do regular surveys. Depending on your location, there are quite regular surveys for you. The best thing about surveys from paidviewpoint is that it only offers you surveys that you can comfortably and easily undertake. This feature is quite remarkable, and it means that you’ll not waste time and effort undertaking surveys that you’ll not complete. So, you are aware that you have the ability to complete any review you get from this site and get income from it. After logging to the website, you can check whether there are any surveys available by checking the right-top side of the homepage. Since you’ll not get email notifications every time new surveys become available, it is advisable to sign in frequently to check for any new survey. Besides, the extraordinary thing about surveys from paidviewpoint is that they’re quite short and general. Also, the company simplifies them further by giving you multiple-choice questions.

The Trait Score Surveys

Paidviewpoint site provides at least one every day paid survey, commonly known as ‘The Trait Score’. Although these surveys only promise small rewards, it is essential to note that they take a minimum of one minute to complete. In the end, it will make you get more cash for the surveys. Also, it can make you get more surveys from the company. Now, perhaps the term ‘Trait Score’ confuses you. Well, let’s review this feature into detail. Trait score is a term that defines how honest you’re with the website and how well the company knows you. Daily, you can take a precise trait score survey that only takes a maximum of two minutes, and the website pays you a couple of cents. This isn’t the way to earn on the site, but a simple way of finding out how honest your answers are and how consistent they are. Usually, users aren’t online when they take online surveys, and that’s the reason why the company examines your survey answer consistency via the daily surveys. Survey sites like paidviewpoint offer trait score survey to get to know you much better. As a result, it enables you to get surveys that match your skills. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the website wants to get your personal details. Instead, it only needs to get your traits, demographics, and interests. Due to this survey, you only get a survey that you can comfortably take and complete. You will not earn substantial money by taking trait surveys. However, you will get points after completing each survey. After reaching 900 points, you will rank as one of the most reliable survey takers. With this, you will get high rewards for the many surveys that will you will get. Although the trait score survey pays a few cents, it is unquestionably worth one to two minutes per day. The primary reason for this is that it will allow you to get a lot of openings from the company.

PaidViewPoint The Referral Program
The Referral Program

The best thing about paidviewpoint is that it provides a generous referral program. With this program, you can take home up to twenty-five dollars for every user you invite to the website. Every time the person you invite to the site take a survey; you will earn a bonus per survey from the company. But before the excellent bonus thrills you, it is essential to note that earning the bonus isn’t as straightforward as it seems. If you perform detailed research, you’ll realise that you will not receive twenty-five dollars for inviting an individual. Each time a user you invite joins the system; you will get a commission of 20 % of what they make. So, every time the person takes a review, you get a bonus. Remember, twenty-five dollars is the maximum amount you can get from a single user. Still, it is an incredible way to make cash effortlessly.

The Pros

  • Payment is in cash – this is awesome. The website does not offer a complex point system, item catalogue, or even gift cards. With this, you certainly know the amount to expect.
  • Fantastic surveys – this aspect is essential since the main idea here is to generate cash effortlessly.
  • All clicks count – you receive cash for each survey you undertake. Additionally, you will know the questions, know how to perform it, and even the amount to make beforehand.
  • It has a referral plan – it is a fantastic inclusion. Your earnings rise significantly by referring to as many friends as possible.
  • Precise surveys – this is incredible as well. It takes between a minute, and five minutes per survey. Thus, it isn’t time-consuming.

The Cons

  • Pay rate is low – this is a severe drawback of the system. While money will certainly reach you, it takes ages to amass a substantial amount.
  • The fifteen-dollar threshold- it takes time to accumulate the minimum withdrawable amount that the company needs.

PaidViewPoint How is Payment
How is Payment?

You receive payment every time you complete a survey. Most of the surveys are worth between 0.03 dollars and 0.10 dollars. You receive a ‘TrustScore’ for every survey you undertake. These points persuade you to be much more active. Having more points guarantees more surveys. The company promises short and exciting surveys. Also, it is possible to earn via the referral program, as indicated above. Note, the referrals will not receive fewer dues, since the 20 % bonus is undoubtedly an additional profit. Your demographics determine the survey invitations you receive. For instance, you receive about fifty to sixty surveys every month if you take a trait survey daily. Thus, you can make between two dollars and six dollars every month by taking two surveys daily. The amount doubles if you have five active referrals. Also, there is that occasional one survey that awards you Amazon or Walmart gift card. When it comes to the payments, the minimum withdrawable amount is fifteen dollars. You can withdrawal the payments via PayPal, and it takes about 72 hours to get into your account. But it can take a while to amass sufficient money to withdrawal.

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  • A very user-friendly site
  • Very honest site
  • Does not promise more than it can keep
  • A good option if you live in one of the countries where it regularly offers surveys



Final Words

Generally, we are incredibly positive when it comes to paidviewpoint. The website is undoubtedly legit, as it offers you the opportunity to generate extra income without any investment. Just like other legit survey websites, this website is free to register and use. However, it isn’t necessarily the best option out there. In addition, it has a fantastic user-friendly interface. It also provides some of the best features you will come across as seen above. It is a legit website that does not overpromise its users, and it can be an ideal option if you reside in the countries where it frequently provides surveys. These countries include the United Kingdom, the USA, Canada, as well as some parts of Australia.

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