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With the world of paid survey sites full of scammers that offer ridiculously low payouts, it is challenging to come across a platform that pays genuinely and handsomely. With this in mind, coming across a legit site like OneOpinion is a daunting site. OneOpinion seems to have all the qualities needed in a survey site.

Aside from paying some good cash to members to undertake as many surveys as they can daily, OneOpinion also offers a product testing program. The site’s payment options allow you to access your earnings fast, leaving you contented and entertained.

After going through various OneOpinion review on the internet, you’ll undoubtedly find the info too good to be true. It is for this main reason that we’re offering an unbiased review to explain in detail about how the website works and how you can make passive income online.

The review outlines in detail the processes undertaken by this platform. But in the end, it’s your responsibility to judge the legitimacy and dependability of this survey site. Read on to learn much more about OneOpinion products and services.

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  • Offers relatively high rewards for each survey you complete
  • Provides an excellent support team and you can receive payment via PayPal
  • High payment threshold and the low survey frequenc

What is OneOpinion?


Let us start with some background info of one opinion. is a website owned by Critical Mix, a famous market research company in the industry. Critical Mix also owns another site named MyView, a survey website that no longer admits new members, perhaps due to the invention of OneOpinion.

Although the two sites seem somehow linked to one another, the two websites do not share a lot when it comes to customer services and responsibility. In fact, the two ventures operate as two separate entities. In simple terms, the business offers paid surveys and test product panels for popular market research organisations.

How does OneOpinion work?

How It Works

If you’re at least thirteen years old, you can register for free as long as you reside in Germany, the United States of America, France, Netherlands, Italy, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Unluckily, the program does not provide its services to other countries currently.

If you are eligible for the program, getting the membership is artless, and it will take you at most two minutes. After filling the registration form correctly, you’ll need to undertake a demographics questionnaire and confirm your email address. With this, you can now start completing the surveys.

There’re three primary ways in which members can access the surveys. The methods include:

  • You will receive survey invitations from OneOpinion in your email.
  • You can log in to your account and search the surveys, and this is the method that the site recommends most.
  • You can also access via a smartphone application that has several mobile surveys.

But it is essential to note that the number of surveys that one can take per day depends according to the info given to OneOpinion during the registration process as well as the open surveys available at that particular moment.

Matching the system’s studies’ criteria guarantees you a lot of surveys per week. Failure to match the studies may make you not get as many as desired, but this should not discourage you at all. There are many surveys daily, which increases your chances to be qualified for any.

After reviewing the OneOpinion survey panel deeply, it is evident that their surveys are incredibly entertaining. After completing each survey, you’ll get several points that go straight to the Rewards account. After amassing sufficient points, you can start swapping them for preferred prizes or gift cards.

The standard pay rate for an online survey ranges between $ 1 and $ 5, but you may come across a lengthy survey that pays up to $ 15. Various aspects, such as subjects, topics, as well as the time length, determines the amount that one gets.

How can you Make Money via Oneopinion?

Payment Method

Product Testing

Aside from completing online surveys, there’s another way that you can make some cash via this platform, which is via product testing. This’s a fun method of earning income since the company delivers some products and services to your home for testing purposes. Your work is to review the product and give a genuine opinion prior to its release to the market.

However, the newly registered members cannot make money via this method since it is only available to the loyal members of OneOpinion. The best thing about this method is that you can make up to $ 50 for every test.

The Rewards Program

When it comes to offering rewards, OneOpinion provides a point-based system to its members. The system updates the reward account immediately after every survey completion. As a matter of fact, the reward program is what makes OneOpinion the best in the world of paid surveys since most sites take ages to give you gift cards and rewards to your account.

The points keep on accumulating after completing each survey. And after getting to the threshold limit, you have the ability to redeem the points to your ideal gift cards or prizes. Note, being patient and waiting for the points to accumulate guarantees you much better options when redeeming.

Points Conversion

You’ll earn $ 1 for every 1000 points you collect. OneOpinion makes it possible to withdraw the bonuses via a debit card as long as you have 25,000 points which are equivalent to $ 25. You can withdraw any amount you need to your debit card provided you have collected a sufficient number of points.

You need to give your residential address to get the debit card, and the good thing is that you can use it as a typical debit card. However, the card can take up to 10 days to reach you so you can opt for the virtual gift card if you can’t wait for the card.

It is essential that in this review, we say that OneOpinion accepts PayPal as a mode of payment in the latest upgrade. If you have funds in the account, you can transfer them to your PayPal account and then to a bank account.

Additionally, this review approves that OneOpinion has a new program named ‘One Rewards Program.’ This program lets the registered members convert the accumulated points into fantastic rewards. The one program gives the platform an edge over its rivals.

What do we like about the Platform?

Members Review

As opposed to requiring you to fill a complicated survey, the site only requires you to enter basic info, ask you one or two simple queries, and then directs you to a third-party survey. Most of these questions seem to check whether the participant is paying attention. For example, one question inquired, ‘What’s the name of a baby elephant?’

But in most cases, the company wants to ascertain that you’re indeed qualified to undertake the survey you’re about to receive. For instance, OneOpinion asked me questions about the car model I love before being directed to a survey about vehicles.

I realised that the surveys consumed the time as estimated by OneOpinion and were all engaging. Unlike other companies, the company never directed me to third-party platforms that kept me in a cycle of surveys. I either finished or disqualified from the survey.

How is the Success Rate?

Success Rate

Of the 30 surveys I attempted, I qualified for 14. This is a success rate of about 46.67 %, which ranks second amongst the survey sites I evaluated. The company performed superbly in linking me to tasks that matched my knowledge and skills.

The Benefits of Using OneOpinion


Various Rewards

OneOpinion offers impressive and diverse rewards. Besides, the platform adds the earned points instantly to your rewards account. With this, you don’t need to wait for many months to have points deposited into your account.

Incredible User Interface

Any platform that provides an excellent user-friendly gets good reviews from the users. Oneopinion’s layout is user-friendly yet simplistic. The users applaud the company for keeping the website updated and fresh.

One can send Invites

One opinion allows the members to send an invitation to friends and family members so that they become part of the big family. And the best thing is that they only need to be at least 13 years old.

Dependable Customer Support

OneOpinion prides itself to have one of the best skilled and professional customer service teams in the industry. The team is available round the clock and answers to calls and inquiries within the shortest time possible.

The Company values the members’ time

What most survey websites do is that they don’t pay their members for undertaking surveys that they do not qualify. OneOpinion, on the other hand, rewards you with 50 points if you perform a survey that you don’t qualify for.

What are the Drawbacks of Using this Platform?

OneOpinion Drawback

In this review, we didn’t come across many things that we don’t like about the platform. If you perform personal research on the internet, you will realise that over 90 % of the members are happy with the site and are loyal clients.

One drawback worth mentioning is a disqualification. Most members allege that OneOpinion disqualifies them regularly from the surveys, but this comes down to the website’s criteria and demographics analysis.

But since the company publishes countless surveys regularly, you don’t need to worry about the disqualification drawback.

Is Oneopinion a Scam?

OneOpinion Scam Or Not

Irrespective of the criticisms that some users have, OneOpinion is undoubtedly a legit site. OneOpinion is all about market research, and it is one of the best paying survey websites on the internet. But like other survey sites, demographics is critical when it comes to getting dependable info. For this reason, you will not always get a task to complete.

OneOpinion Logo


  • Offers relatively high rewards for each survey you complete
  • Provides an excellent support team and you can receive payment via PayPal
  • High payment threshold and the low survey frequenc



Final Words

If you are in search of reliable, honest, and legit ways to make passive income on the internet, then testing products or undertaking surveys can be a good option. For this, OneOpinion is a legit and reliable service tool that you can consider.

The company made it simple to undertake surveys, and the low rate of disqualification makes it a gem among many. It is challenging to make a lot of money by taking surveys, but OneOpinion supplements this by offering a reward redemption program.

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