MobileXpression Review

MobileXpression Review

If you had known 6 months ago that you needed to create an online, side hustle almost overnight, would you have created it there and then? Or would you – like others – have thought about it longer and harder, weighing up the pros and cons?

It’s really hard being disciplined about getting up for work and taking care of what needs to be done – that adulating thing that nobody talks about except in horrid memes. But working from home need not be the day job that you think it may be.

Online surveys, activities, coupons, offers, and sweepstake entries are a great way to make money from home or during a break in your day when you have a few minutes to spare. And if you’re looking for ways to save, shop, and still squeeze in a luxury or two, Get-Paid-To (GPT) websites are a good place to start.

While you may not make a fortune overnight – and you have to be really patient about growing your investment – there are plenty of opportunities to generate an income and make money from home. Investing your time and energy in GPT sites may seem like a long-winded way to earn extra bucks, but it does pay off.

Figuring out which sites are scams, not worth your time or effort, or just plain not doing business the right way is your first step in the process. Reviews on GPT sites (like this MobileXpression review) are generally regarded as the best way to determine if a site is worth it for you or not.

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What Is MobileXpression

What is MobileXpression?

Headquartered in Virginia, USA, comScore Inc. boasts offices in over 40 countries across the globe. A leader in its niche market, comScore is a ratings, analytics and reporting company that specializes in audience measuring and market research. Media and brand buying behavior, as well as patterns of cross-platform media usage and consumption, is also measured.

MobileXpression, a service offered by comScore, is an app that runs in the background on your mobile device. The app tracks and records mobile usage on user’s devices. These users are referred to as panelists, and they earn rewards for participating in MobileXpression’s market research activities.

What is MobileXpression software?

MobileXpression is a market research Android or iPhone app designed by VoiceFive, Inc. – another service offered by comScore. The app was designed to collect information from certain activities performed on your device. These activities may include web browsing, camera usage, video streaming trends, links accessed, and usage times for activities such as texting, calls durations, and web browsing activity.

However, MobileXpression does not store, collect, or view any personal content captured, such as the words used in your texts and emails, the images you save to or record via your camera on your mobile phone, nor your contacts, address book or calendar entries. Basic demographic information is needed to describe the market research behavior of panel members so that advertising intelligence and brand enhancement statistics are available to clients who want better market intelligence on their target audience and customers.

In a nutshell? How do panel members use their mobile devices to make their lives easier and more manageable? Which brands deliver consistently and which brands don’t? What delights panel members and what angers them?

Your opinion can make a real difference to brand strategies.


How does MobileXpression reward me for participating?

MobileXpression rewards begin when you join, with different rewards available in different countries. For example, signing up with MobileXpression as a US-citizen automatically rewards you with a $5 Amazon gift card if you remain active for your first week on the app. In the UK, active members will receive £20 after 2 weeks’ of activity. In India, your reward for actively contributing to the app’s research requirements will net you ₹300.

The software installed on your device will technically allow you to make a passive income, paid out to you in the form of rewards such as gift cards from Amazon, Target, Starbucks, and more.

In addition to the passive income streams the app provides, occasional online and mobile surveys will be sent to panel members. Most of these surveys will be mobile-device-dependent, and it may take a little getting used to the smaller screen and layout. Part of the feedback and data-collection process includes reporting any bugs, screen display errors, broken links, and the like.

Sweepstakes are another great way to earn a passive income from not really doing anything except entering a competition. Rewards include cash incentives, iPads, and some small kitchen appliances.

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How do you join the MobileXpression panel as a member?

As with almost every GPT site you join, the site needs your general profile information, such as your name, email address, state or country you’re signing up from, age and other personal information that will complete your member profile.

Download the app from either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store, and install it on your device. Then, simply run the app in the background while you continue using your device.

Check your inbox regularly for any emails indicating there may be additional surveys available either online via the website’s member portal, or via the app on your mobile device. These surveys reward you with points (or credits) and add to your overall credits accumulated so you can cash out faster.

How Do You Earn

How do you earn points on MobileXpression?

Points earned on the MobileXpression app or online members’ panel are accumulated and paid out as soon as you have earned enough points to qualify for the minimum cash out threshold of any reward you’d like to redeem. In other words, 30 points will get you a $5 gift card when cashing out.

Points are earned by completing the surveys sent out or by actively using the app on your phone. This means that you will need to leave it running in the background while you go about your daily life, but do remember that this may drain your device’s battery.

Signing into your app will also grab you two credits per week that add to your points balance and help you get to the minimum points needed to cash out a lot faster.

Regarded as a milestone on the MobileXpression platform, remaining active for 90 days also means that MobileXpression will donate a tree to the Trees for the Future program, and an additional tree for every month thereafter that you remain an active member.

Who can join the MobileXpression panel?

MobileXpression accepts members from most countries around the globe, as long as those members are aged 18+.

Potential members must also have access to a reliable internet connection, and have a mobile device that is compatible with the app. Check if your device is compatible here.

You will receive notification that a new MobileXpression email address has been created for you. This email address needs to sync with the MobileXpression servers at least “every 15 minutes to ensure your continued eligibility for credits that can be redeemed for gift cards.”

Finally, both the MobileXpression app and the MobileXpression Connect (VPN-enabled) app need to be installed to allow your device to communicate its findings to the MobileXpression research panel team. Both apps need to be active on your device to qualify for your MobileXpression member incentives.

Member reviews from using the MobileXpression app

TrustPilot is a free-to-use review platform used worldwide to share and discover consumers’ opinions about business practices, ethics, company policies, and other information about their interactions with brands. Originally launched in Denmark in 2007, TrustPilot now boasts 6 additional international offices, with more than 700 employees. To date, TrustPilot now hosts a staggering 96+ million worldwide user reviews on their platform.

Figure 1:   TrustPilot review scores for MobileXpression Inc. (July 2020) based on 180 reviews

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As you can see in the graph above, nearly 80% of all TrustPilot user reviews are based on a 1- or 2-star (negative) rating. Negative reviews include comments such as:

  • Company locked me out of my account after requesting gift card
  • Makes no sense that my account is suspended, I’m constantly on my phone
  • Customer service is non existent
  • Rewards take ages to reach you – if at all

Positive reviews (3- to 5-star ratings), while only accounting for roughly one quarter of all reviews, balance the negative comments out with feedback such as:

  • While rewards may take a while to reach you, they do get paid out
  • I have invariably found them to be very helpful, courteous and polite on the rare occasions I have contacted them
  • I’ve been using this app for some time now and have never experienced any problems

Again, it probably comes down to who gets your logged support request, what location you’re in, and how you use your account. It’s always a great idea to check out the FAQ and self-help sections of any GPT site so that you always remain compliant with their regulations. This can go a long way to eliminating some of the more common problems you can expect to experience.

Pros and cons of using the MobileXpression app

It’s no secret that some apps are glitchy on some devices, nor that GPT sites, in general, are notorious for not paying out, delaying rewards from being paid out, closing accounts, and customer service support staff that offer no kind of service or support at all. MobileXpression is no different to any other GPT site that you’ve joined, read, or heard about along the way.


  • Take surveys anywhere
  • Earn points while you sleep
  • Get paid to share your opinions
  • Low cash out threshold
  • Great variety of rewards to choose from


  • You have to share personal information
  • The app may drain your battery
  • Customer service and support are – for the most part – oblivious to support requests
  • Some reviews indicate that accounts are suspended as soon as you try to cash out or redeem your points for gift cards
  • Rewards don’t always reach their destinations
  • Need to install multiple apps on your device
Legit Or Scam
MobileXpression Logo


  • Allows you to earn without having to do anything
  • Only available in smartphone
  • Doesn’t allow you to earn real money
  • Software intrusive but they guarantee that no personal information is collected



Is MobileXpression legit or just another scam site?

The Better Business Bureau lists comScore as an A+ company, while they also list the MobileXpression Panel as an ! Reasons for the F-rating include “ failure to respond to complaint(s) filed against business.”

On an integrity level, shady business practices are definitely a cause for concern. The general consensus amongst the reviewers is that this app started off just fine, with rewards being paid out consistently and fairly. Over the past few months and updates to the app, redeeming your points for rewards has become harder and harder to do, with accounts being suspended, rewards never reaching their destinations, and a lot of frustration felt by those whose accounts are now locked ‘for fraudulent activity’.

You could always sign up and try your luck, hoping that your account is not one of those affected by poor business practices. You can send any number of emails and support requests in the hope that you’ll get a reply.

Or, just as we did, you could walk away and try another GPT site.

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