MyView Review

Myview Review

If your choice of online survey site is always going to be guided by the level of assurance that you are going to get paid, then you have absolutely no reason to overlook, as is evident from this review. Not only the website guarantees payment on a survey completed, but it also allows you to do it in a sort of fuss-free manner.

MyView enjoys a reputation that is associated with regular payout. Just as significant perhaps, the surveys from this website tend to be both fun and rewarding at the same time.

To round up their offerings, they also have excellent customer support to boot.

I will lay down my analysis of this site so as to help your decision-making process on whether to join this website.

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  • Allows you to search for surveys yourself
  • Points awarded to your account are determined by the type of survey you take
  • Generic surveys do not pay a very high number of points
  • No Paypal option to checkout

Company Background
MyView Company Background

Critical Mix (formally known as Authentic Response) is the company behind the online panel.

The parent company itself is of market research background and it has gained the trust of the market since it started business in 1996 to help businesses of all sorts gather information on their products and services.

It is difficult to ignore the proliferation of the Internet, which is why the company created this online version to help facilitate web-based marketing research.

MyView was conceived in 2008 with the primary objective of gaining traction with a growing pool of survey takers who are increasingly becoming more Internet savvy.

As proof of its legitimacy and trustworthiness, the website also boasts of security certification from TRUSTe.

Better Business Bureau’s Rating
MyView BBB Rating

When I looked towards the Better Business Bureau, I was surprised to learn that the website suffers a miserable F rating (BBB usually classifies businesses from A+ to F).

The reason for that lousy score is attributed to lack of attention to issues and complaints from consumers, so that really got my alarm bell ringing. That was worth a detailed reading on the listed company profile, and I soon found out that it is not referring to this website under review.

Rather, the actual profile can be found under Authentic Response or the parent company.

According to the BBB record, Authentic Response is a BBB accredited business.

In terms of rating, it scores a very respectable A+ rating. The reason for this amazing rating is due to the fact that for every issue and complaint that surfaced (I noticed there are some 55 complaints registered to the BBB, though not all are related to survey site), everyone got fully resolved amicably and efficiently.

This is an indication that the company cares a lot about its reputation, and strives tirelessly to keep its customers (in this case survey takers) happy.

What I think does it for MyView is surely the BBB accreditation and tons of happy and well-paid survey panelists (yes, you can count me too).

So, How Legitimate is this Online Panel?
MyView How Legitimate Is This Online Panel

Now, we are talking about a business entity that has been into marketing research since 1996 (admittedly, the online version did not emerge until 2008).

While I may not have all the right investigative skills, I do know for a fact that no scammer exists in the business for some 20 years with the grand objective of scamming people if and con them money.

In terms of business model, there is nothing out of the ordinary as far as the online paid survey site is concerned. In general, when you see one, you have seen all. MyView, in particular, has nothing new to offer.

In essence, what this company seeks to do is to connect the two critical forces in business:

  • On one side, there are the manufacturers and companies that want to know what the market thinks and feels about their products and services.
  • On the other end, there are consumers who are ready to render their feedback in exchange for some form of

Those market research companies do not discriminate. They happily conduct their work for both companies big and small alike.

In addition, how established these brands do not matter. We often hear about big brands like Pepsi or Apple engaging these guys for market research activities simply because they are household names.

In truth, the market research study is not exclusive to the biggest companies in the world.

The market research industry has also come a long way.

There used to be a time when businesses engaged consumers directly on a limited number of products and services. Nowadays, it has come to their realization that consumers have no obligation to provide the much-desired feedback, and they really treasure their time too much to discuss
with you about market trends and consumer preferences.

The result is the emergence of outsourced market research companies that solicit public feedback on behalf of their clients, and pay good money for this information.

MyView exists and excels in this space.

The huge volume and a wide variety of paid survey work on offer from this company is another indication that this business model has been working well for the company.

My Experience as a Member of this Panel
MyView Experience As A Member

I have had many years of experience on a number of survey sites. Most would notify members with emails on survey work available. Not rocket science or nothing extraordinary, but plain efficient.

MyView also employs the same approach so this fits my expectation of efficiency.

There is also this thing that MV does particularly well. As far as market research is concerned, it surely encompasses quite a wide area. They can be related to web design, film, cameras, video games or Healthcare Services.

In that context, certain skill-set and knowledge are called for dependent on the subject under study.

The site certainly pays attention to such details and your qualification will be tied to your command of specific knowledge. The good thing about expertise-requiring surveys is that the corresponding payout could be a lot more generous, in comparison to those generic surveys.

The generic surveys do have an advantage over expertise-requiring surveys. While it is true that there are significantly more such surveys in the market, the compensation is relatively low.

If MV deems you to be superbly qualified for a certain subject matter, they will try to utilize your skills in the most efficient manner possible. In other words, they would get more surveys that are more geared towards your expertise to you.

On your part, you have the chance to better optimize your earning capacity given the same amount of time.

When you consider the above factor, MyView does not sound like a typical survey site, but it functions more in the form of a public opinion research organization.

In fact, the first hint of this comes from the home page of the site itself. You would see many surveys of different natures (the product testing, focus groups, and opinions on certain movies are all manifestations of this). Interestingly, you can’t fail to notice a substantial portion of surveys tends to revolve around IT subjects.

On the compensation site, MyView employs a rewards points system rather than a cash system, again nothing extraordinary from the other survey operators. MyView points (MVP) will be rewarded according to individual survey type.

How much those MVPs are will be dependent on the sort of surveys you undertake.

As a rule of thumb, you can associate those expansive and time-consuming surveys to higher reward points, and easy to do surveys to pay less.

In terms of redemption, you have quite a few options to contemplate what you want to do with your accumulated points.

For me, there is no better option than conversion into cash. Still, if you like, you can always exchange your points for gift cards or Visa cards. And there is a threshold value before any redemption can take place.

The minimum prerequisite for cash out is 20,000 points (around $15 equivalent).

Reviews of MyView from Around the Web
MyView From Around The Web

One good way to gauge how well any particular site is supported is to check the Web for public opinion. It is this method that I used to collate feedback on this panel as well.

It is in line with my expectations, with the majority of the community on the web expressing their approval for the site.

One thing that cannot win enough praise is how fast the redemption works. It is like you redeem your points now, and the gift card code is made available to you in the next minute.

On the other hand, some (like me) would only be pleased when MV starts to allow the transfer of MVP into PayPal.

I have compiled the following list in order to show what works well and what works against MyView:

The Good

  • You don’t have to wait for email invites to come to you. You can log in onto their website and decide which survey to go for. This follows the trend as to what is happening in the industry.
  • You could earn points for profile surveys.
  • You are rewarded for “Just for Trying” nevertheless, even if you fail at the qualification stage.
  • MyView has always had a good reputation of being a prompt paymaster.
  • Your voucher code is made available to you almost as soon as you redeem your points.
  • Compare to their peers, MV sends out more survey invites.
  • A threshold value that is set low before cash out can happen. At only $15, this certainly compares favorably with most other survey sites (some actually requires a ridiculously high $100 before they want to pay you).
  • Fabulous customer support. This is plain for all to see on their “Customer Feedback” page, where all forms of feedback from members don’t stay exclusive with the customer service team. Rather, the site decides that all such information is to be made public. Moreover, the staff even report on how the team makes use of any suggestion posted by members.

The Bad

  • No PayPal option.
  • Most are not happy that this company has a one of a kind policy towards their points, i.e. whatever accumulated points will become void following 90 days of account inactivity.
  • Only residents in the US can use this site. No resident outside the US is allowed to join.
  • For some funny reason, the rewards that members are working hard for can become unavailable (strange, but true!).

MyView logo


  • Allows you to search for surveys yourself
  • Points awarded to your account are determined by the type of survey you take
  • Generic surveys do not pay a very high number of points
  • No Paypal option to checkout



My Final Take

I and many more can vouch that this is a real established market research company and it has a reputation of on-time payment to its members.

Sure, it is nowhere near perfection. My biggest grouse of MyView is its refusal to work with PayPal. But come to think of it, the pros easily out beat the cons by a good measure, so I would recommend this site to anybody who is looking for paid work online.