Neobux Review

Neobux Review

For the past few months, I have been trying to find some of the best ways to earn some extra cash online. In my research, I came across the name NeoBux quite several times. When a name pops up a couple of times, you know it is worth looking into.

NeoBux is a paid to click website that allows you to earn money in a number of ways. It can be described as a rewards and loyalty program whose aim is to connect content providers with their intended audience. Some of the content types include crowdsourcing tasks, marketing surveys, online games, and advertisements, to name a few. This firm will, therefore, pay you cash to view content from these content providers. Therefore, its services benefit both content providers and their audience. The extra cash that the audience gets acts as an incentive for them to watch the content hence helping the company achieve its primary goal.

NeoBux was established in 2008, and it has its headquarters in Oporto, Porto, in Portugal. In addition to making extra cash from viewing content, the firm also allows members of its forum earning by completing tasks and orders, referring other members, completing marketing surveys, winning unique add prizes and playing games online.

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  • Very confusing to use
  • Takes a good plan and investment to make any money
  • Make sure you know what you are doing before paying for an upgrade
  • May end up losing money instead of making any due to payment for upgrade

Things to Consider Before Joining NeoBux
Neobux Registration

NeoBux is one of the top royalty and loyalty programs in the European market. Not to say that there aren’t other incredible programs, but it is definitely among the top. However, before you decide to join the program, below are a few things you need to know:

The content that you will be paid to view on NeoBux is paid for by the owners. What happens is that companies pay NeoBux to increase the viewership of their content or products like video games. NeoBux, therefore, gives its audience a minimal cut of the amount that it is paid by the content makers.

It is also important to note that to get started on the website, you for one need to create an account by signing up. The process of signing up is, by all means, free. Once you have signed up, you become a member and can proceed to make some extra cash on the forum.

The program has strict terms of service, which you ought to adhere to failure to which your website access could be suspended or taken down for good.

The program will not make you a lot of money from the word go. However, there are several means through which you can start earning. All these means put together could end in some considerable amount. However, the best way to start earning good cash is through the referral program. Read the reviews and policies to get more of this information.

Features and Benefits
Neobux Features And Benefits

Getting Started

The first thing you need to do is create an account. It is as easy as clicking on a link and providing some information like your email address. For this review, I created an account. The process took me less than 2 minutes. Note that accounts on NeoBux are not transferable, and using false information during the signup process can result in suspension. Read through the reviews and terms of service for more of this information! Also, note that only one account is allowed per computer when it comes to viewing advertisements. This means that if more than a single account on the same computer is reported to have viewed an advertisement, both be suspended.

You can always upgrade your membership on the website for $90 per year. You can find more of this information by reading the policies. This is paying money to earn a little extra. I wouldn’t recommend doing so unless you have reached a point where you are making some good money.

How to Earn Money on NeoBux?
Neobux Surveys

There are more than a couple of ways through which you can earn money on this site. They are:

View Advertisements

NeoBux works with content makers from different markets, including marketers and product manufacturers. What happens is that the content creators pay the company money to help them gain more viewership on their content. The hope is that this will result in more clients and more aware of their content. Therefore, members of the NeoBux forum get to earn some money by viewing the content or advertisements.

The PTC sites will pay you at least $0.01 for each advertisement that you view. Sometimes you earn money for only viewing a portion of the advertisement. Looking at this rate for the first time may seem like a waste of time for very little pay. However, there are several other incentives. By looking through some reviews about the site, I got to learn that some people make as much as $30 per day just from viewing advertisements. From the reviews I read, I got to find out that the trick is to remain patient for the first couple of months until you learn your way around the site.

Complete Simple Marketing Surveys

As a member of the NeoBux PTC sites, you can also make money by completing some simple marketing surveys. All you have to do is access the surveys on the site and fill them to completion. The amount of money you make per survey depends on the nature of the survey.

Complete Tasks and Orders

Sometimes clients as for specific tasks like downloading a video game. Completing such mini-jobs and games will also help you make some extra cash.

Play Online Games for Free

Online game companies also hire the services of this and other PTC sites. Members of the forum are therefore required to download the games, play them, and provide some sort of review so that they can get paid.

Refer Others to the Site

This referral program means that you have to refer other people to an advertisement or content. The more they click on your referred content, the more money you can make. You can also refer new users to the site. You only get paid when the referred user becomes active on the platform. Note that you also get cash for the clicks that your referrals make and when they make upgrades on their membership. There are two types of referral programs on NeoBux:

.Direct Referrals- this is where you get paid by using a personal link to refer to other clients. On this site, it is quite hard to gain access to a direct referral link. The number of direct referrals on NeoBux is limited to the membership of the referrer. For instance, in the beginning, you are limited to a maximum of 30 direct referrals.

.Rented Referrals- rented referrals is the easiest way to make money on the site. A member of the forum is allowed to get as many rented referrals as you wish.

How to Get Direct Referrals
Neobux Ads

The more you click on ads, the higher the chances of getting direct referrals. For instance, if you manage a minimum of 100 clicks and have earned at least $0.60 to rent your first three rented referrals, you can start getting direct ones. I wasn’t able to explore this concept personally for this review, but I got a lot of insight from reading client reviews.

Play Adprize games
Neobux Mini Jobs

Playing these games, which are a sort of mini-jobs, will give you a chance to win either points or money. The points you win can be redeemed for gift cards and other prizes.

How Does NeoBux Pay You?
Neobux Payment Method

All payments on this platform are made through Skrill, Neteller, AirTM, and Tipalti ONLY. Most of these payments are sent and delivered by the payment processors instantly. On Tipalti, the payments are only sent upon request. Also, note that the platform has a policy on the minimum amount that can be paid. The amount paid may not be the amount that reaches you from the processor, depending on the chosen processor’s policies and costs of transactions. For a first time payment, the platform pays a minimum cashout of $2. Also, note that this amount keeps increasing by a dollar each time you make a withdrawal until it reaches the fixed amount, which is $10.

Neobux Benefits

While doing my research for this Neobux review, I concluded that the company benefits two parties. Most of this review content I got from reading through the policies and terms of service. Let’s look at the benefits of the service.

The Audience

  • You earn money online for viewing content.
  • You can increase your pay by upgrading your membership.
  • There are several means of earning money online on the site.
  • The payment methods are secure.

The Content Makers

For purposes of this review, I also learned that by advertising on this platform, you could:

  • Turn viewers into customers
  • Increase traffic and revenue
  • Get exposure
  • Increasing use of demographic filters
  • Get strong anti-cheat protection

What Do Users Say?
Neobux Success Stories

The first question that came to my mind the first time I found out about NeoBux was whether or not the site is legit. This led me to look at some reviews from members of the site. I came across some receipts and proof of payment that quickly answered my question. In the reviews, I also learned that the easiest way to make money on this site is by clicking on ads as much as possible. The referral program is the most raved about.

However, in the reviews, some clients complain that the amount of money they make on the platform is quite low. However, long time members explain that the trick is to exercise patience, read, take time, and get to learn the ins and outs of the platform. With enough experience and presence in the forum, you can turn that small amount into some good money. Some reviews also showed concerns about the modes of payments being limiting.

Neobux Logo


  • Very confusing to use
  • Takes a good plan and investment to make any money
  • Make sure you know what you are doing before paying for an upgrade
  • May end up losing money instead of making any due to payment for upgrade




NeoBux provides members with a quick way to make some extra bucks by viewing content, playing games, referring to other users, and clicking on advertisements. The platform also benefits its main clients, who are content makers and product manufacturers by helping them get access to a broader array of clients. Creating an account on this platform is quite easy. However, I would recommend that you read the company’s terms of service and policies because failure to comply with the could cost you the account.

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