MySurvey Review

My Survey Review

The online paid survey industry is characterized by the coming and going of players. It is thus refreshing to note that the subject of today’s review, My Survey, is still around.

The thing is that this website was among the first to reward members in return for their personal opinions expressed, so it easily qualifies as a really long-term stayer.

This fact is significant for you and me, or survey takers in general, because it advocates paying members for survey participation, and it has done exactly that for a long time.

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  • A legit survey site with a reputable company behind it
  • Very easy to use
  • Worth signing for
  • MySurvey site has closed

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A Short Introduction of the Company Short Intro Of The Company

My Survey is the new name of NFO MySurvey.

The NFO part of the name is National Family Opinion.

Anyway, the company has been actively engaging and soliciting public feedback, reviews and opinions from a number of markets, which include the USA, Canada, France, the UK, and Asia.

The data collection business started right back in 1946, but it established the online version in 1995.

MS is the brainchild of Lightspeed Online Research. This is one huge market research company, with international exposure.

Actually, MS was not the only edition conceived by the parent company. There used to be another panel by the name of Lightspeed, but some time later, the parent company figured that it could work better with just one single entity.

The resulted merger has since assumed the name My Survey.

Better Business Bureau’s Rating
MySurvey BBB Rating

Being a subsidiary of a well-run and respected international market research company certainly helps.

The company scores an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau.

When I looked at the profile page listed on the BBB website, I noticed there are some 29 complaints attributed to the company. 26 of these complaints are classified as “problems with product/service”. But herein demonstrates the commitment of MS to resolve issues. The same page indicated that all 29 complaints were resolved.

So, it seems that the panel is well aware that they have a good brand name, and it looks like they are doing a good job to upkeep that reputation.

The Working Principle of My Survey Working Principle

If you are no stranger to the paid survey work (or if you are familiar with survey panels such as opinion outpost, Isay, or Global Test Market), it is easy to get around to working on this site.

Obviously, you can only get started after you sign up on their website.

As part of the registration process, you will be required to furnish some personal information, things like demographics, email address and shopping habits.

Assuming you are agreeable to hand over this information, you should have no problem whatsoever to become the latest My Survey member.

How Does MS Differ from the Competition?

Now, you may wonder how the website differs from all of these panels in the market such as SurveySpot.

There is this thing that MS does differently, which is just as significant nevertheless. Do take note that their compensation is based on the reward points system. All you addicts of the gift cards and cash rewards, before you throw your hands up in protest (or give that dismissive shrug), let me say this: point reward ain’t too bad.

Personally, I would favor cash rewards system that dishes out a certain amount of dollars for work done, especially when I have to deal with a new survey panel with questions of unknown quality.

You see, the problem with the points system is that there are some operators would choose to be not completely upfront on how the rewards system works. But with MS, everything about the compensation is completely above board, so you know exactly what you have made, or could potentially make.

Another reason that why I feel reassured on the points system at My Survey is surely the fact that this has been proven to be a completely legit company.

There is no risk of being ripped off, refused payment or simply being made to wait for ages to receive your payment. And of course, you can turn the points you earn to equivalent cash or gift cards through their redemption program without a sweat.

Over here, points that you earn have a face value of $10 per 1000. You earn and receive your points, convert it into cash and credit this money into your PayPal account. This is how transparent the system is.

Ultimately your total compensation would have to be subjected to a number of factors; these are just how the paid survey works, and the followings factors are largely applicable to almost every other paid website:

  • How much time it takes in completing surveys
  • How extensive the actual survey is
  • How easy to find qualified people to take a survey
  • How many members are taking a particular survey

I think what makes MS stand out from the crowd (including more prominent players like the Global Test Market, Crowdtap and the Survey Spot) is in its practice of not forcing those long and boring profile surveys upon you. What takes place are the short pre-screeners to determine if you are suitably qualified for the intended survey questions.

And they recognize your time and effort to attend to these pre-screeners, the successful one will be granted the surveys, but even those who do not pass qualification are awarded some points as compensation.

Mobile App
MySurvey Make Money Through Mobile

The company also moves with time.

With the proliferation of smartphones, this panel has come out with a mobile app, which you download and install on our phone.

The NEW app would allow you to participate in their NEW mobile-friendly surveys, product testing as and when you like it.

The benefits that come with the mobile apps cannot be overstated, and it is powerful precisely because of its mobile nature, you no longer have to be locked down in space to do your work.

Maybe you are sitting bored inside a coach, or perhaps you are waiting for your dinner mate, but your options don’t have to be confined to getting impatient or feeling reckless. Instead, power up your My Survey app and become productive with your time.

What Members Are Saying On The Internet?

In order to achieve a sense of objectivism, I habitually turn to the web to check out what others reviews, so that could provide a fuller perspective to my review.

This is a necessary exercise, as I tend to think that any review that is primarily based on experience may become too personal, and always too limited in view.

These are the result of my research for reviews on the web:

  • Well-Paying Surveys

The one subject that got people talking is invariably the payout for those who participate in surveys.

Interestingly, most people rate My Survey among the more generous players in the market. However, by opting to use the points system (instead of a cash system), MS is prime for derisions from die-hard cash and gift cards advocates.

Some users recognize that the company employs a fair and equitable conversion formula to turn the points they earn into money (as mentioned earlier, it is $10 per 1000 points).

I hope it does not get lost on you that the points system could pay well also.

I have, on numerous times, taken on 10 x 500 points surveys, and that is a cool $50 taking.

These are certainly not bad days by any standard, especially when you think about this income could be achieved in under a couple of hours. I could have opted to redeem my points for products like mp3 players, earphones or shoes, but I confess that money works best for me.

  • Interesting Surveys

If you are seasoned surveys taker like me, you would appreciate the fact the regular undertaking of such work can get tiring and boredom could set in.

On this understanding, I would like to cheer My Survey’s effort to keep its survey questions entertaining and engaging.

This aspect of the site has not gone unnoticed, as I observed a number of users expressed gratitude to the company for their willingness and ability to produce work that reduces fatigue and prevents burnout.

  • Chance to Win Even if You’re Not Active

My Survey offers regular sweepstakes like draws, with exciting prizes to be given away.

It is common for other survey sites to insist on regular activities before they grant anyone with entries to such draws, MS works differently by allowing even non-active members a chance to the big prizes.

To date, I haven’t got my luck on any big draw yet, but the prospect of getting many points for free is always on the back of my mind when I do win…

  • Responsive Customer Support

Many people are also clearly impressed with the professionalism of the customer support team of My Survey.

Now, this is an embodiment of responsive and competent professionals. And the folks being able to do this in humility is just excellent.

I just can’t have enough good things to say about this team.

The brain behind the company is often associated with some of the best ideas manifested through focus groups and product testing, incorporated within the market research surveys to add that extra spice and intrigue to the work.

  • $4000 Grand Prize!

I also noticed many people rave about their amazing $4000 Grand Prize (they actually give out this several times a year).

Anyone who bothers to log in is rewarded with entry to this prize, and this is not a marketing gimmick, but actual giveaways with real winners (I also found previous winners wrote in to share that top of the world feeling).

  • History of Late Payment Delivery

Amazingly, the only common misgiving that I have found is regarding its history of late payment delivery.

Even though the transfer between My Survey account and your PayPal account is strictly electronic, most transactions take 1-2 weeks to realize (I know it is true as that is largely my experience as well). But not a single one ever complained about not being able to receive their payment in the end.

So, is My Survey a Decent Website to Join?
Decent Website To Join rights reserved

As much as we reviewers contribute every piece of correct information to facilitate your decision-making process, ultimately you got to make the call, and bear all circumstances related to that decision.

Having said that, my experience and research on this company do not yield any particularly untoward revelation about it, and I would suggest anyone give it a shot if survey taking appeals as a source of income.

I mean, it is a well-established market research company and it has been duly paying members for work done. But I did point out that all registered members have to be at least 14 years or older, and the compensation at My Survey is based on the points reward system.

The thing is that across every survey panels, it is perhaps unrealistic to expect there is anyone who packages their service the exact way you like it, so there bound to be give-and-take.

Also on the part of reward points, I guess the assurance comes from the fact this is an established company, so the payment is almost guaranteed.

The additional problems that are often associated with points system are outright refusal to pay, lack of transparency and unreasonable delay in releasing payment, I can further assure you that you won’t experience this here.

Though I said the last statement with some qualifications, especially with regards to the delay part. I think the 7-14 days before payment being credited to your PayPal account is a genuine problem. But I suspect this is perhaps related to a process flaws within the company, rather than any malicious intent.

Still, I hope they will address that soon if it does not want this misgiving to manifest and intensify in the market.

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  • A legit survey site with a reputable company behind it
  • Very easy to use
  • Worth signing for
  • MySurvey site has closed



The Final Words

While I have taken pain to ensure that all available facts are presented to you, I would still encourage you to conduct your own research. We tend to get more committed when we evaluate and process the information ourselves before we embark on our action plan.

All in all, I think I find My Survey a fully legitimate and decent website.

Of course, as with most things in life, it is not perfect. But when you compare the pros and cons, it still renders itself as a trusted source for you to earn, make money and to derive some income out of survey work.

Yeah, I will strongly recommend anyone to give this online survey panel a look in.