Mintvine Review

Mintvine Review

The world of online paid surveys is pretty extensive, with numerous websites and names that you probably haven’t heard of before offering surveys to make extra income. Despite there being a multitude of online paid surveys, only but a few of these websites actually pay well. There are many different and very diverse market research panels among other ways through which members of these websites make some extra coins when the month comes to a close. This often involves a lot of opinion sharing among others.

One of such websites offering surveys is Mintvine, which has recently rebranded to Branded Surveys. This is one of the fastest-growing names in the online surveys game that was launched back in 2012. Since its launch, it has grown its membership to over the million mark. However, the question is, is Mintvine a worthy contender?

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  • A paid survey site that I would classify as just below average
  • Be aware that you can only join the site if you live in the US, the UK or Canada

Mintvine Review

Mintvine is a market research website that pays its users to take surveys. Users get paid to share their opinions on a vast selection of products and services in place of companies. Many user reviews claim that this is a completely legitimate site that pays its members whenever they successfully complete their surveys. This post delves into the hooks and crannies of this website to make your work much easier.


  • It is not time-consuming.
  • It features over 2 million panelists to analyze surveys.
  • It offers fast payments through gift cards and PayPal.
  • It is B-rated with BBB.


  • It is challenging to qualify for many surveys.
  • It only operates in Canada, UK, and US.

Things to Consider before Signing Up with Mintvine

Things To Consider

If you are looking for an additional way to earn yourself some extra money when the month comes to an end, you should be considering signing up with Mintvine Surveys. However, before you do so, there are a few basic things you should review and get ro know even as you think about signing up as a member of the site.

  • Registration: I find it particularly appealing that you don’t need any money to sign up because it is absolutely free. All you have to do is find the site and register with no fee whatsoever.
  • Eligibility: The site is pretty accommodative when it comes to eligibility. Anyone aged 13 and above is eligible to sign up as a member on Mintvine. You only need to provide your country of residence, phone number, age, and zip code. Ensure that the phone number you provide is correct.
  • Account activation: You will confirm your account via email. Once completed, you will be rewarded with 200 points to get you started. You can earn points after signing up by taking advantage of any visible profile surveys. Upon completion of all the profile surveys, a total of 510 points will be added to your account.

You should try to be as honest as possible while registering so that you don’t get stuck. This means providing a correct phone number or email. If you provide incorrect details, the site will be unable to correctly match you with the best surveys or end up matching you with surveys that you are not particularly suited for after a review of your answers.

Features and Benefits

Even though you can earn points filling surveys on their website, there are some other ways you can take advantage of on Mintvine to make some more money. There are a variety of features that offer incredible benefits of making some extra money on top of filling the surveys. For instance, you can watch adverts, download apps, singing to bingo or casino sites, or signing up to Newsletters. However, the following are some great features that you will enjoy and benefit from.

Features Benefits

1. Referral program

Mintvine’s referral program is one of the best features about them. It allows you to continuously make money with them. When you share the link on your MVP page with your networks, you earn yourself a bonus. However, you should note that you only get to earn a bonus when your referrals get to sign up and start filling surveys too.

How this works is you get to earn 50 points if your first referral completes a survey and a subsequent 15% of your referral’s offers and surveys. This means that the chances of earning significant points are immense through the program if you have many of your referrals signing up. This really works great for me because I get to utilise my network to make some more money.

2. Daily polls and poll streaks

These polls pop up at the lower right of your screen. If you want to earn yourself some extra daily points, the daily polls section should be the first place to look. I find it to be the fastest way of earning points and the fact that it pays instantly is a plus. The only downside is that the points are minimal.

You earn 5 points for taking on each of the daily polls. It is not only easy to take but also very fast. In my experience, it only takes you about a minute to complete the daily polls. If you get to answer 1o polls in a row, you automatically earn yourself 25 points bonus in less than 5 minutes.

3. Surveys

The site owners that it can be very frustrating to make only $10 from 1000 points. That is why they have tried their level best to moderate this dilemma by giving you the chance of taking advantage of surveys to make some extra income.

You will always receive notifications of any available survey that matches your criteria. It will be up to you to act fast because these surveys on the survey site get filled up quickly. However, if you are disqualified to take a survey or a survey is unavailable, there is a 5 points compensation for the struggle. These points can even be more depending on the type of survey that was up.

In case you don’t match for a survey, the site panelists will use your details to match you with more surveys in the future. This means that your chances of earning more money online from surveys are limitless. You only have to provide the correct answers and be as honest as possible.

Most of these surveys take 10-20 minutes to complete and others may take a little longer depending on the paid survey in question. Once you rack up points and they total t0 1000 points, you can choose to transfer them as funds to your PayPal or get gift cards by redeeming them and they will be sent to your email address. It takes up to 48 hours to validate redemptions. I found this relatively considerable, gauging this on some of the user reviews I came across online for other similar market research panels.

Don’t forget to be a part in Mint Roll Surveys that surrounds your behaviour and opinions. Each of these surveys requires about 7 minutes and each of them can earn you points. For instance, if you complete one Mint Roll Survey, you earn 200 points.

4. Local deals

Apart from the surveys, you can also try the local deals. These involve such activities as making purchases at particular locations. These purchases at the designated locations will also earn you some extra points. This also applies to any of the third-party offers.

When you take part in local deals, you will receive incredible discounts because the company marks down gifts and prices. This essentially means you get rewarded for being part of your local community.

What Do Others Say


I have scoured the internet, visited a lot of reviewing survey sites, read comments from several other users and most of these reviews are inclined to the positives rather than the negatives. Therefore, I believe it is safe to say that Mintvine is a totally legitimate company, free to join, and one of the best ways to make some extra income. Furthermore, it offers many amazing opportunities that will benefit you right from the local deals, paid surveys to the MVP Referral Program among others.


Branded Surveys Alternatives

Some alternatives to Mintvine Surveys include :

  • Prize Rebel: This is only among the best survey sites out there and it has been existing since 2007. Over the years, this company has built its reputation and it has established itself as a legitimate company offering paid surveys. For 1000 points, you can make $10 just like Mintvine. Furthermore, you can also make some extra money by playing games, watching promotional videos, referrals, and online shopping. You get rewarded in gift cards or funds sent to your account.
  • Survey Junkie: This platform was launched in 2005 and offers remuneration for filling out surveys coming with a 14-year track record with over 6 million members. Their legitimacy is in the public domain with an 8.6/10 Trust Pilot score. You get your rewards as gift cards or funds on your PayPal account. The site is also a great way of earning some bit of extra income from the comfort of your home with no prior skills.
  • Swagbucks: Just like the other companies, you can also make some extra bit of cash on Swagbucks by answering surveys, shopping online, watching TV programs, searching for swag codes, playing games, participating in Sweepstakes and using coupons among others. The site is relatively easy to use, it offers a great deal on in-store cashback, they payout and comes with beneficial cashback options. The only significant drawback is that sometimes payouts can be longer than usual.
Mintvine Logo


  • A paid survey site that I would classify as just below average
  • Be aware that you can only join the site if you live in the US, the UK or Canada




If you are out looking for ways to supplement your source of income, I can confidently recommend that you sign up with Mintvine surveys, which is very evident from this analysis. This will give you an incredible opportunity to make some bit of extra cash, sometimes even just from the comfort of your home. If you need some extra cash, then this is the solution you need. Not only is Mintvine very easy to use, but it is also home to over 2 million panelists to help you have an easy time on the platform.

From this Mintvine review, it is only evident this is the site to check out as soon as you can. You will receive your payout either via PayPal or as gift cards that are sent to email addresses provided. However, if you don’t quite line Mintvine, you can always check out Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, or Prize Rebel. Nonetheless, if you want to check out more on Mintvine, please click here for more information.

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