Screenwise Panel Review

Screenwise Panel Review

If you’ve tried to scour the internet for some new ways of making some extra money from the comfort of your home, you’d understand how uphill of a task it is to find a legitimate site that can help you do that. The internet is flooded with plenty of market research websites claiming to give their members legit ways to make extra cash, win gift cards, or sweepstakes.

However, you should realise that not all of these websites are legit or as good as they claim. Nonetheless, read on to understand more on one such website- the Screenwise Panel.

Screenwise Panel

Screenwise Panel

  • Easy to use and participate
  • Supports 3 different devices
  • Currently not accepting customers
  • Limited surveys

What is Screenwise Panel?

Screenwise Panel, or otherwise referred to as Screenwise Trends Panel , is a Google Market Research company that recruits interest people to participate in the Google research activities. Google acquired it in 2016. The primary objective of this Google Company is to shed more light on how different people use their mobile devices and the internet. The Google-owned company, now known as Cross Media Panel , is operated by United Sample, Inc. or uSamp for short, on behalf of Google.

Pros Cons
  • Extremely easy to use and participate in.
  • Supports up to 3 different devices to help you make money.
  • Great redemption system.
  • Stellar customer service.
  • The Google research site is currently not accepting new customers.
  • It’s a Google research; thus, not compatible with Firefox or other browsers.
  • Surveys are quite limited.
  • Allusive pay.

Things to Consider before Signing up on Screenwise Panel

Before you get started with Screenwise, you should note a few important things. Apart from living in the US, these are other factors to consider for accepting you as a member:

  • Have strong internet access.
  • Must be the owner of a qualifying smartphone.
  • Be 13 years old and above.
  • Use Google Chrome web browser.

Although even 13 years old to 17-year-olds are eligible to join the Screenwise panel, they must obtain permission from their parents or legal guardians to sign up on Screenwise.

Features and Benefits of Screenwise Panel

Joining Crossmedia Panel

Starting mid-2017, Screenwise panel hasn’t been accepting new members. However, that doesn’t mean they have closed out all new potential members. Every once in a while, Crossmediapanel opens spots for new customers who express interest in joining the Google website to get paid. Therefore, you should always keep your eyes peeled on the Cross media panel webpage to make sure that you get a slot when they open.

However, when you manage to sign up on Screenwise trends panel successfully, you immediately become eligible for downloading the cross media panel apps on any device you have. It could be your laptop, desktop, tablet, or smartphone. You have the chance to install the Screenwise panel app on up to 3 different devices, giving you an additional earning opportunity.

Installing these Screenwise panel apps on your devices opens you up to opportunities to earn money to complete surveys and help Google conduct research. What you need to do once installing these apps is to keep surfing the internet like you normally would. However, it would help if you kept in mind that altering your usage or searches might lead to the study’s revocation.

How it Works
How it Works

It is crucial to ensure that you have the Chrome browser installed on your device. You won’t get the chance to make some extra cash if you use any other Google web browser apart Chrome like Internet Explorer or Firefox. You will also have to install a free chrome Google extension on each of the devices you use to surf the internet. However, you should install a mobile meter app on your phone.

Installing these Screenwise panel apps and Google extensions on your devices will help Google track your online behaviour but from the background. It helps Google through Screenwise trends panel discover their user behaviour including the time of day or how long people stay on particular Google webpages, among other online activities, without interfering with your daily routine.

Members have access to a portal containing money balance, requested rewards, and membership status. You can access this portal either on your desktop or mobile devices. You will love the user-friendly Screenwise trends panel interface and amazing design.

Money Meter and Rewards

Upon installing the Screenwise panel apps and Google extensions on your personal devices, you immediately earn some rewards. Every week you participate by using the activated Google research extensions on every one of your devices, you earn more. Your money is deposited right into your Screenwise panel account. This is how your earnings will look like in different devices:

  • If you have just one device, you will instantly earn $2 plus an extra $1 weekly.
  • If you have two devices, you will instantly earn $4 and $2 weekly.
  • If you have three devices, the maximum, you will instantly earn $6 and an extra $3 weekly.

Note: Although your earnings will be credited in your Screenwise panel member account, you won’t redeem these funds for rewards until you reach a threshold of $25. However, once you meet this minimum requirement, you can easily request your gift cards from different retailers like Amazon and Starbucks.

Once you exchange your first $25 for a gift card, you will need only $5 to request your future gift cards and vouchers. Furthermore, there are occasional notifications via your Screenwise panel apps or Google browser extension or get email invitations to participate in online surveys, which will go a long way in enabling you to earn some more money. Therefore, always keep an eye out for these alerts and notifications to ensure that you don’t miss out on these chances. Some of the retailers you can redeem your gift cards from at Screenwise panel are:

  • Target.
  • Amazon.
  • Best Buy.
  • Walmart.
  • Starbucks.
  • GAP.
  • Sephora.
  • Nike.
  • Chipotle.

Social Proof
Social Proof

As I would do for many other similar research sites, I went to the internet to look around for any review or research reviews from other users to see just how good the site is or how it compares to other similar sites. I discovered that many people use this Google research platform to earn some incredible rewards. I scoured many research sites, and one thing remained clear, Cross media panel is a legitimate Google Company that will pay you what they promise. Your devices will not be at any risk of getting malware or some shady viruses when installing the Google extensions on your computer or handheld device.

Cross Media Panel Alternatives

Different people have different comfort levels. What may have worked for me may not necessarily work for you. Therefore, if you feel like Screenwise Trends panel isn’t exactly your cup of tea, or you want similar Google websites to help you earn some extra bucks, here are some great viable alternatives you can consider.

  • MobileXpression App : Just like the Cross Media Panel app, this app works in the background to collect data about your phone and how you use the internet. It is also an incredible way of making some extra money. You only need to leave it on. The first installation only will earn you a $5 Amazon Gift Card bonus. It has the potential of helping you earn $20 annually. Although you may find this a bit low, you will find it pretty easy and seamless. Furthermore, considering that you won’t do any work, $20 isn’t so bad.
  • Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel: This is another platform that allows you to earn extra cash for phone usage. You only need to install the app and let it run in the background. You should always check the app to make sure it’s always active. It is one of the best paying platforms, giving you the chance to earn up to $150 annually, which translates to $50 per device. Moreover, you will receive a bonus every 3 to 6 weeks.
  • SavvyConnect: Yet another market research platform, which collects data as you continue using your devices and surfing the internet. You also need to install the app and let it run in the background. You can install it on up to 3 devices, each of them earning you approximately $15 monthly, which translates to $60 in monthly earnings and an amazing $180 per year! That is why it is among the best paying apps in the industry.
Screenwise Panel

Screenwise Panel

  • Easy to use and participate
  • Supports 3 different devices
  • Currently not accepting customers
  • Limited surveys




Screenwise panel is an incredible way of earning some extra cash from your home’s comfort, just by using your phone and letting it run in the background. You only need to install the Screenwise panel apps and Google web extensions on your devices. Furthermore, you can participate in occasional online surveys invitations to make money. However, you can also consider amazing alternatives like SavvyConnect to boost your earnings too. Keep it here for more reviews. If you liked the review, give it a thumbs-up, and don’t forget to share.

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