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Earning money online is not a new thing for people who spend a considerable amount of time on the internet. There are many ways of you can make money online, and one of the simplest is through taking online surveys. SurveyWorld is one of the sites that claim to offer internet users an opportunity to earn some extra cash by giving your opinion about a range of products and services. There is no much background information about the site, but their website claims that they are located in the Netherlands. The site is currently available in more than 45 countries and has four years’ experience.

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  • An actual paid survey site even though it might seem like it at first
  • Has unnecessary extra step to take if you would like to get paid for taking surveys
  • Send you to a promotional link after you have answered a few questions
  • You will NOT actually be able to earn on SurveyWorld itself

SurveyWorld Pros Cons
Survey World Pros

  • They refer their clients to legitimate survey panels
  • Has a huge Facebook following
  • The site has been around for four years
  • They have an FAQ section that provides valuable information


  • They deal with third party companies
  • The pay may be low compared to other means of earning online
  • It is hard to find a joining form on their website
  • Their website provides little information about themselves

Is Surveyworld for you?

Surveyworld world claims to have over 1000000 panelists accumulated for four years. The company started back in 2016 and has gained a massive following on social media. The company claims to be available in more than 45 countries, but they do not specify them. It is, therefore, your role to try and find out whether they have a promotional link for your area of residence. Given that they conduct the surveys for businesses, any person can join and earn from the paid surveys sites as long as they have an internet-enabled device and a stable internet connection.

SurveyWorld Is How to Join
How to Join

Other sites allow clients to signup through their website, but Surveyworld uses specific landing pages. You can either get the signup landing page through their promotions, where they send the link to people or through their Facebook page. If the link is not readily available, you can also contact them and request of a link to their landing page if they still have any for your demographic category and place of residence.

Joining Surveyworld is free as there are no signup charges. You will only be required to give some personal information, like your email and age.

How It Works

To know whether the site is legit, I had to sign up and check whether the sites they work with are legit. The only way you can sign up is through their Facebook page as their website is only a single page site with no joining options. The site does not have a member’s zone, but they have a landing page where you can sign up. Signing up involves filling out a few questions. Some of the questions include your age, residence and shopping habits. After sign up, you get a promotional link that you can use to join the site they are promoting.

Personally, the link I got led me to OpinionWorld, which is also a reputable panel. The fact that they are working with legit companies makes them legit, but you should keep it in mind that Surveyworld is not the one responsible for paying the money you earn. It is therefore important to also research the online survey company you are referred to. Take it as a win-win situation, where they help you get a reliable survey panel, and they get paid for that.

SurveyWorld Is The Site LegitIs the Site Legit?

The site claims that it does not send product to test and surveys to complete, but they inform their clients about the fun research companies that are looking for people to participate. Rewarding is also done by the research companies, meaning unsatisfied clients should contact the research companies (and not Surveyworld) when they have issues to do with money or survey paid wrongly. The above statement indicates that Surveyworld is not so much a survey panel, but an aggregator.

More on Surveys

Taking surveys is the easiest way to earn some extra money. Surveyworld makes it easier for their clients to find reputable survey sites (where they can make money) through promotion links. Most of the companies won’t charge a registration fee but will require some personal information such as your email and age. Most of the companies pay using gift cards, but there is a small percentage that pays in real money. Getting paid for surveys is also a fun activity that is worth your time. You can make money easily as it takes less than 15 minutes to complete an average survey.

It is, however, important to note that taking online surveys will not earn you much money , but you can make extra money to pay for the movies or improve your books collection. The pay-outs are also fair, considering that you need no additional skills to complete the tasks.

Our Review

Just like the other online earning platforms, Survey panels are different in terms of their payment methods and how much they pay their members. Some reward points for every completed task. You can redeem the points to cash or use them to buy gift cards. Others like Surveyworld provide cash rewards that are sent directly to your PayPal account.

Surveyworld has over 300,000 Facebook followers, making it one of the most popular survey panels in the world. The site is not accredited by the BBB, making it hard for consumers to determine whether their site is legit or not. However, you can ignore the red flags as there is no high risk in taking surveys to make money. The only personal information you provide is your email, meaning you can avoid all risks by opening an email address solely for signing up to the site.

SurveyWorld How Do I-Earn
How do I Earn?

The site is the best place for people who want a simple site that deals with surveys and polls only. Joining is free, meaning you will lose nothing if they direct you to a panel that you don’t like. The amount of money you earn depends on the amount of time you invest and the number of surveys you qualify. Some people get more tasks than others because their profiles match the required qualifications to participate.

Is the Site Safe?

The website is a single-page website with only four sections. The company talks very little about its history and location, making it anonymous. Some consumers may see this as a red flag, but the massive following on Facebook and their four years experience provide some assurance. The site has minimal reviews on review sites, but most people do not take it as a scam. At least they do what their core function is—connecting their clients with reputable survey companies. They also assure their clients that the Research Companies they work with do not sell personal information to third parties.

SurveyWorld Customer Support
Can one Get Customer Support?

Customer support is an essential feature in determining the eligibility of an online platform. An excellent online platform must have functional customer support to help solve issues. When it comes to Surveyworld, you can contact them through their Facebook page or their email address, I have personally tried their response, and I can assure you that they are pretty quick. Note that they don’t deal with technical issues and problems related to payments. Clients with such matters have to contact the survey panels directly. They also have an FAQ section to help answer common questions.

Comparison with Others

The internet is full of survey-seeking websites, meaning you can choose from a wide variety of choices. Some of the factors to consider when selecting the best survey panel are the payment methods of the site, their payment amount and their survey types. Some of the alternatives for Surveyworld include Ipsos, Mysurvey, Swagbucks and Opinion Outposts. The only difference between Surveyworld and these sites is that they do not do the survey themselves but act as the connection between clients and market research sites.

Final Verdict

Surveyworld may seem like a paid survey site for the first time, but it is a different platform. The site will only help you find a reputable survey site, and everything else depends on the terms of the company they are promoting. It is not a wrong decision to find a survey company through the platform as they have a reputation of working with legit survey sites. You should not have high earning expectations, but it can provide a little cash to supplement your other earnings. Furthermore, it is better to spend your free time making money through filling surveys than spending it in other worse ways.

SurveyWorld logo


  • An actual paid survey site even though it might seem like it at first
  • Has unnecessary extra step to take if you would like to get paid for taking surveys
  • Send you to a promotional link after you have answered a few questions
  • You will NOT actually be able to earn on SurveyWorld itself




SurveyWorld is different from other survey sites, given that it does not conduct surveys and does not provide membership. The site looks like an actual paid survey website at first, but all it can do is to give a promotion link to the website they are promoting. The site also does get involved in payments or any other technical issues about the survey panels like payment, meaning you have to contact the survey panel whenever you have a question. You can use their services to find reputable survey sites, but you should be aware that you cannot earn from the site itself.

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