Survey Voice Review

Survey Voices Review

If you are having a tough time making money online, you are not alone. Although the internet came with many opportunities to earn and make money online, finding the right tools to earn money is challenging. One of such tools is Survey Voices. Although from many Survey Voices reviews online, you discover that they promise to pay you money for taking part in site activities like taking surveys, the question is, do they deliver?

Survey Voices is essentially an intermediary between you and other survey sites. It doesn’t work in the same way many other market research survey sites like Inboxpays or SwagBucks do. On the contrary, they are a middleman whose core purpose is to connect you to the best survey sites out there.

The survey site is owned and operated by Reward Zone LLC. Reward Zone is based in the USA, founded by Matthew Conlin in 2011. Survey Voices looks much like many other paid survey sites, but they operate differently. Survey Voice operates much like Panel Payday and Survey Compare. In this Survey Voice review, you will learn more about the site’s features and benefits, eligibility, and some of the alternatives of Survey Voices.

Survey Voices Logo

Survey Voices

  • You get no value out of joining
  • You will likely start receiving a lot of promotional calls and emails
  • A complete waste of time
  • One of the worst survey sites


  • Relatively simple survey tasks.
  • Easy to sign up.
  • Provides links to some great sites.


  • No passive income potential because of the low pay.
  • Spam calls and emails.
  • Low vetting standards.

Survey Voices Review

Things to Consider before Signing Up on Survey Voices

If you have read many other Survey Voices reviews, you might have noticed that you aren’t going to quit that day job you have. These sites are not great for offering you additional passive income. Even if you join several of them and sit behind your desk all day long, you won’t make enough to sustain yourself. Therefore, you should understand that these sites are only great for providing you some extra money.

Additionally, you can’t have as many survey tasks as possible because there is a limit. Different programs offer you different ways of earning points, regardless of the program, you decide to pick.

Furthermore, different sites have different ways of accessing the points you accrue while using the platform. In some cases, the site will give you points for every survey you take and redeem these points for cash, coupons, or gift certificates to use on select online stores. Some will pay you cash directly to your account. They set a special rate for a task; once you complete the task, the amount is credited to your account. Most of these sites pay via PayPal.

Here is what you will need to do to start:

  • Create your account.
  • Answer a few questions.
  • Get access to lists of sites you can join.

Survey Voice Review

Features and Benefits

How Survey Voices Works

After going through the quick, easy, and free sign up process, you can now gain access to their full list of survey sites that you can now join to earn cash online. However, you have to keep in mind that Survey Voices is only a middle man, and all the sites list on their platform have their different terms and conditions, including payout schedules, methods of payments, and many other requirements.

Being a member on Survey Voices gives you access to lots of gift certificates, free stuff, and advertisements. On joining Survey Voices, you will realise that they offer many random offers for free products like $1000 gift cards and free iPhones. I am not entirely sure if these claims are true because my antivirus automatically blocks me from viewing them.

However, I have seen some Survey Voices reviews claiming that once you click on these random advertisements, you are asked to sign up for their free trials to the different subscription packages they have, which will ask you for your credit card details. When you sign up, and the free trials come to an end, you should keep in mind that they will start making automatic deductions for the monthly payments.

I would advise not to take these advertisements seriously and make sure to read their privacy policy because they could be a gold mine for identity thieves. You will give them access to your personal information like your phone number and email address without a guarantee of being rewarded with anything. That is why a lot of people wonder is Survey Voices legit?

How Much they Pay

Since Survey Voices is primarily a middleman between you and other market research sites, the amount you make depends on the survey companies you chose to join.

According to Survey Voices, you can earn and make money up to $300 for giving an opinion about the sites you joined. However, if you look closer at some of the listed sites, you realise that most of these survey sites only pay you about $1-$2 for a 15-20 minute task, mostly paid in points. Once you have your points, you redeem them to get payments on your PayPal account or have them as gift cards.

Inasmuch as you can earn the $300 they promise, it will take a very long time to reach that amount. However, along the way, you will find yourself doing a lot of unpaid surveys because

  • They might have met the survey quota already.
  • You may not have been the target demographic from the answers you provided.

The minimum amount you can withdraw also depends on the sites you joined. Unless you have reached the payout threshold, you will have to continue taking the paid surveys until you reach that threshold.

Even as you take part in these, you must keep in mind that not all of them will pay you in cash. Some will pay in points, which you can later redeem. Therefore, make sure that you gain a substantial number of points to have something worthwhile. Survey Voice Review

Social Proof

As I went through many Survey Voices reviews online, I noticed that Survey Voices is a reasonably legitimate company, regardless of the many questions asking is Survey Voices legit. However, that is not to say that there aren’t some complaints about Survey Voices. The problem is that many people think it is an actual survey aggregator because of the way it is advertised, while the truth of the matter is they are not.

Although many people were disappointed that after signing up they weren’t directed to paid surveys, a good number of them contended that it gave them a whole list of sites to join for a chance to make some extra money, from the comfort of their homes.

The site may not have met the expectations of many, but that is not reason enough to say Survey Voices is a scam. Despite some of the deceptions and tricks, the site is a fairly legitimate way of earning money, not passive income. Is Survey Voices legit? The answer is yes. Other Survey Voice reviews may not quite agree.

Survey Voices Alternatives

If you don’t like Survey Voices, here are some great survey companies alternatives:

  • Survey Junkie : Arguably one of the best survey sites right now. They give you the chance to take surveys and reward you with points. Furthermore, they have a pretty wide portfolio of surveys to choose from. It boasts of longevity since it has been around for the longest time, offering you a solid chance to make some extra cash online.
  • InboxDollars: When you sign up on InboxDollars, you get a solid chance to make extra cash online when you take surveys offered on the site. Apart from taking surveys, you can shop online and watch videos to get paid. You can also clip coupons and read marketing emails also to get paid. They pay you in real money rather than points. Therefore, you know from the word go how much you will get paid to participate in their surveys. Their withdrawal threshold is set at $30, so you have to take many surveys to be there.
  • SwagBucks: It works much like InboxDollars. It is a top-rated survey site for making some extra cash while at home. Although it offers you a chance to make some cash, you should rely on it to get you rich. You make money by filling out surveys, shopping online, and downloading apps, among other tasks. They pay you via SwagBucks pints, which you can redeem for cash or gift cards.

Survey Voice Review

Survey Voices Logo

Survey Voices

  • You get no value out of joining
  • You will likely start receiving a lot of promotional calls and emails
  • A complete waste of time
  • One of the worst survey sites




Survey Voices is not your regular paid survey-taking site as you might have noticed in this Survey Voices review. However, if you are looking for ways to earn and make money online, it is a pretty solid option. When you sign up, you gain access to an extensive list of sites that you can join to make yourself some extra cash. Each of these survey sites has its earning potential or rewarding system. They can either reward you in real money or points, which you will have to redeem for gift cards or cash. If you are not quite sure about Survey Voices, you can always consider Survey Junkie. It is an amazing alternative to make money while at home. If you liked the Survey voices review, don’t hesitate to share it with your friends and family.

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