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Getting a product from the production stage to the consumers is not as easy as you may think. Before a product hits the market, in the process of production, manufacturers work hard to make sure that the product meets the needs of real users because this fact will significantly influence the success of the product in the market. This is especially the case with websites and digital products and other minimum viable products. For this reason, manufacturers like app designers rely heavily on user testing techniques.

User testing is a technique employed in the field of design to get a site, product, feature, or prototype assessed by real users. Through usertesting, the design team can catch discords in the user experience at an early stage. This allows the team to address the issues and get them rectified before the final product is released to the public. By identifying and solving these issues at an early stage, the company is able to save on costs down the line. Such costs include refunding customers or losing customers due to the annoying flaws.

However, user testing is not as easy as it sounds. For you to start the process, you have to come up with a test plan. Once you have the test plan, you will need participants that will take the tests. The participants are representative of the product’s user base. This is where UserTesting.Com comes in.

UserTesting.Com is a company that offers user testing services with real user experience. The company has been in business since 2007 and currently has headquarters in Canada. However, it operates in the United States too. In addition to helping designers bring the best products to life, is a way for you to make some extra money or cash aside from your regular job.

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  • A bit confusing to use
  • Opportunities depend on where you live
  • It pays well for your time
  • Pays out in cash through PayPal

Things to consider

Things to Consider Before Joining UserTesting.Com

UserTesting.Com is a website that provides user testing services for different clients while giving people the chance to earn money and share their opinions as paid participants. Before you decide to work as a tester, below are some things you need to consider:

  • With UserTesting, you will need to navigate through a variety of software applications, both on mobile phones and websites, each of which you have to share an honest opinion about.
  • To become a tester, you will need a stable and fast internet service that will work to help you remain online while doing the reviews.
  • You can only get work as a participant by passing an enrolment task which you will work on before completing the signup process. However, the results won’t take a lot of time to display.
  • To gain access to the cash you get for your job, you will have to share personal details like your PayPal account details at the time of signup.
  • The review after the user testing process has to be recorded. Therefore, you will need a PC microphone. If you are asked to write a review or make a review for a product like a video game, you will need to create a video through which you will share your thoughts. Therefore, you need a good webcam for the job.

Features And Benefits

Features and Benefits

How does UserTesting Work?

UserTesting.Com works with companies from Canada, the United States, and others to help them get good and honest feedback from real users. While doing so, the company allows the test subjects to earn some cash in the process. To understand how the website works, you need to look and see at it from the perspective of companies and that of usertest subjects as well.

UserTesting for Companies

UserTesting offers testing services for companies looking to release flawless digital products. Companies that would benefit from these services are like web designers, video game designers, and other manufacturers of digital products. As an organization looking to test user and find out what they think about your product before it goes live, in my opinion, this website is the way to go.

All you need to access these services is to fill a form. Some of the important information that you will be required to provide include details about your business, name, contact information, your work email address, and the country in which your business is situated. Upon receiving your details and request for their services, the company will come up with a testing plan and help you get the best testers for the task. The data collected from the usertesting reviews made by the testers will then be sent back to you to share with the rest of your team.

All this is at a cost, of course! You will have to create an account, choose a plan, and pay following the terms of the package. For instance, the basic package is cheaper than the Pro plan because most of the work is done by the service provider. Pro accounts have custom pricings, while the latter will cost you at least 49 dollars per video because the job is more tasking. With the basic plan, the panel will choose the test users on your behalf. On the other hand, the Pro plan will allow you to choose your participants.

UserTesting for Participants

The real customers that the company uses to review products are none other than you! As a tester, you make money by simply navigating through a variety of websites and other digital products and making audio or video reviews.

How to make money

How to Make Money Through UserTesting

Getting Started

Indeed, you can make money as a tester on sites like UserTesting.Com. However, you first have to get enrolled as a tester. The enrolment process is not easy work like signing up for a regular account. You have to take a sample test during the enrollment process. Before taking the test, you need to sign up on the official website. Here, you will only be required to share your email address, and it takes a very short time.

Once you have done so, you can proceed to the sample test. The test has to get approved by the panel, and if your test results are impressive, you will become a tester on the website. The longest time within which you can wait for approval or denial is 48 hours. Several people take these tests daily, hoping for a chance to get selected. You can make yours stand out using the following tips:

  • Most of the time, you will be required to send sample tests in the form of an audio or a video. Regardless, make sure that the audio quality is without a flaw. Make sure there are no background noises and that you are using high-quality devices.
  • The website will not tell you this, but the quality of your spoken English is again a factor they consider when choosing their testers.
  • Also, make sure that you are audible and clear and do not deviate from the task you are given. Make sure you are calm while taking the test because if you are not, it may show in your voice.
  • If you are creating a video, close all unnecessary windows on your computer so that they do not appear in the recorded video.
  • Make sure that when you write a review, make your feedback as informative and exhaustive as possible. Remember you are aiming at being the best one or among the best reviews.

Once your test has been approved, you will be allowed to complete the signup process. At this point, you will be required to provide profile details. Some of these details include PayPal account details, among others. The panel will use your profile to determine which tests you are best suited for. Once you have become a tester with the site, you can proceed to make money by taking real tests.

Who Can Become A Tester

Who can become a tester with UserTesting.Com?

According to the official website, the company accepts testers from Africa, the Middle East, India, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, the United States, the Caribbean, and Canada. Therefore, anyone from these countries who passes the enrolment test can become a tester with this website. However, you can only become a tester if you are at least 18 years old.

The Process of User Testing

Each test on the website comes with some screening questions. The screener questions are aimed at making sure that the selected participants will be useful in the process. Therefore, they act as a qualifier for the test. Note that there isn’t one wrong or right answer to the questions asked during screening. However, the questions are designed in such a way that your response will let the panel know whether or not you meet the criteria of participants they are looking for. If your answers to the questions meet the requirements of the panels and the company whose test is for, you will be allowed to proceed to the actual test. Before then, the true test will not be revealed. If you fail the screening process, you will be disqualified from the test.

The Actual Tests

The actual tests

Once you have qualified for a user test, you will be given instructions to follow. You have to follow the instructions to the letter, or else your review will be rejected. For a basic test, your job will be to use a mobile app, navigate a website, or play a video game and create either a video or audio review with commentary about your experience. Each job, both on mobile app and website, takes between 10-20 minutes. In my experience, the way you do in the tests will determine how often you get selected for user testing. Therefore, you have to be very keen on every test you take because it will determine your success as a paid tester. Treat each test as if it is the sample test that determines whether you become a participant or not.

For each test you take, you get a rating between 1-5. If you get a five-star rating, it means that you are doing a great job and will get more assignments in the future.

There is no limit to the number of tests you can take. However, you can only take tests that appear on your dashboard. The number of tests that are sent to you depends on your profile, rating, and business needs. On average, if you are a new tester, you can get at least one or two tests per day. In my case, after I passed and became a tester, I received two tests daily. Sadly, I only managed to pass one screening round.

How Much Money Will You Make?

The amount of money you will get paid depends on the type of test and its duration. However, on average, the payment rates range between $3 to $ 60 per test. Most of the time, you will get paid $ 10 per test. In other words, you will get paid $ 10 per each 20-minute video you complete. Payments are made through PayPal accounts. Also, the payments are made exactly seven days from the time the complete test is submitted.



What makes this site stand out from its competition is the fact that:

  • The website is easy to navigate, is user-friendly, and the signup process is easy too.
  • The website is very clear on its agenda and benefits and does not make any false promises to get more clients or testers.
  • With this website, you do not have to worry about waiting for a long time for selection results. At most, it will take you only 48 hours.
  • Each test you take is clearly explained, and the guidelines are well-defined too.
  • Before you start taking tests for money, there are a series of videos that will guide you through the process and provide you with tips for performing well in the tests.
  • Does not ask for any legal documents and certificates during the signup process.
  • The payments are impressive ($3-$60) depending on the nature of the test.

Social Proof

Before embarking on this review, I went through comments and testimonials from clients and testers who have worked with the platform. Most of the reviews I stumbled upon seemed rather good. One review expressed a client’s delight over the fact that the payment rates are quite high. Users also seem pleased with the fact that the sign up process is quite easy, and the results of the sample test do not take a lot of time to be processed. There were a few complaints on the review section over the fact that the company does not send emails whenever new tests are available. However, with all the information I gathered for this review, I found that this isn’t much of a problem because each tester has a dashboard on which tests are posted.

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  • A bit confusing to use
  • Opportunities depend on where you live
  • It pays well for your time
  • Pays out in cash through PayPal




UserTesting.Com gives you the chance to be among the first people to test and review a product before it hits the market. It also allows you to make money and share your opinions about the products. This user testing service provider’s payment rates are fair, it is easy to navigate, and it offers a safe platform. As I conclude this review, I should mention that you may not want to become a tester as a full-time job. However, it is a great way to make extra cash now and then.

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