SendEarnings Review

SendEarnings Review

Lately, there has been a lot of buzz on the fade about “reading e-mail and getting paid”.

When you look at this particular market sector, there are not many players as big as Send Earnings.

Being a long-time member of SE (I have been with them from 2006), it is comforting to see this site making headlines in the news.

At the same time, I also got downright frustrated with the half-truth and complete false being spewed about on the Internet with regards to the website.

This has driven me to want to produce a completely unbiased and accurate review of this survey panel so you know all there is to know about Send Earnings.

Okay, enough explained on my motivation for this blog. Let us now see what this online rewards site is made of, and if this one qualifies as a scam or not.

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  • Will pay you for completing their offers
  • Won’t be able to request payment via PayPal
  • Site offers has limits
  • High payment threshold

Company Background
SendEarnings Company Background is the subsidiary that comes under the umbrella of CotterWeb Enterprises Network.

In terms of a user interface, it is easy to get the feeling that this is like another InboxDollars. But the similarity does not end with just the look and feel department, rather it extends downright to the functionality level.

It is no incident that I bring out InboxDollars, as it is among the best-supported websites around. So the semblance to this well-liked fan favorite is indeed a strong complement.

SE does really measure up to the competition, in most aspects of the operation bar one.

Yes, I seriously think that the way SE handles its email notification system is superb, with no competition getting close, not even InboxDollars.

Not Your Average Survey Site

But there is one distinction about Send Earnings that I want to make clear – It is not your conventional online survey panel.

Rather, it is better known in the “get paid to” space. It’s much closer to the working of sites like or ProjectPayday than your conventional survey panels such as MySurvey or GlobalTestMarket.

By definition, it means that the corporation would pay selected participants in the exchange for completion of certain tasks.

This can mean all sorts of different things, they include product trials, taking surveys, reading e-mails, watching videos, and shopping online.

You may wonder where the association got hold of its fund in order to pay you for doing some seemingly trivial stuff such as shopping online, taking surveys and reading e-mails.

The primary source of their fund comes from advertisement placements. Sometimes, they also form strategic partnerships with other companies, which allow them to tap into a bigger pool of cash reserves. With this cash pile, the business has come up with many exclusive and exciting deals.

Better Business Bureau’s Rating
SendEarning BBB Ratings

If you look over at the Better Business Bureau, you will find no record of Send Earnings. However, the parent company is listed on the BBB website.

Under the Company Profile section, you will appreciate that CotterWeb Enterprises, Inc. enjoys a very solid A+ score from the BBB. The association is also listed as one of the BBB accredited business since 2012.

You will find 90 odds complaints and issues being filed on the BBB website. BBB has always maintained a practice of publishing customers cases that are brought to their attention.

In the listing, you will know some issues stretched back as far as three years ago. To their credit, SE seems to take a serious interest in resolving customer issues.

On that same page, we see that every one of the complaints has been proactively dealt with.

How it All Works
SendEarnings How It Works

There is no fee should you decide to join Send Earnings. On the contrary, you stand to earn five dollars the moment you join the business.

The whole business idea is fairly straightforward: you register as a member, and advertisers will tempt you with multiple offers through your e-mails.

To join in any program, you are required to read those invitation e-mails and click on whatever links that may interest you.

You don’t expect to earn and make money that much with such mundane tasks (such as taking surveys), as the payout falls into the range of $.03 to $.10 per email.

Naturally, your five dollars sign-up bonus will be safe as you pick up your first offer. There is also this daily survey that is designed to enrich your coffer by an extra $.50 (sometimes higher).

You can also join in passive mode by simply reading emails or watching videos.

While the payout is at a lowly two cents per email, you will need to have a realistic expectation since you are not called to action in any way. And before you hope to read thousands of e-mails every day, the amount of e-mail that comes your way is probably going to be no more than three every day.

Most websites are well aware of the fact that they need to diversify their offerings in order to attract customers, and SE is no exception.

Over the years, they have expended their partnership network to include BlockBuster, Netflix, etc to broaden their appeals, in the hope that these would be easier for you to join and agree to more trial programs and by watching videos.

However, no two programs are the same, you will find your compensation varies in accordance with the kind of programs you accept.

Generally, you are not forced to endure the entire length of the offer period if you suddenly grew a dislike for it. You have every right to cancel the offer at any time that you wish, but do keep a lid on all those various subscriptions if you happen to be the sort that signs up for offers indiscriminately.

It would also do you good by checking the terms and conditions carefully. Pay attention to any clause that attempts to suck you in for long haul, especially when your credit card is involved.

One good thing about the site is that it represents a number of branded names, so you can have the likes of Apple, HP, and many more like them. So if you are buying these products anyway, you might as well buy them here, as that is a way to earn money.

Obviously, this is only applicable for existing members who have set their minds on the products from these merchants. I would never advocate anybody to sign up with a website just so they get a nice discount.

The Referral Program
SendEarnings Referral Program

Interestingly the above-mentioned offers might be, the best money-spinner on Send Earnings is still the referral program.

The idea is you bring a friend to this website, he starts to earn some income here, and 10% of that earning goes to you.

Needless to say, people who have a knack in marketing affiliate programs through PPC and SEO can benefit from this referral system tremendously. For the rest of us, it will be challenging to count on this referral program alone to earn a decent and consistent income.

Consistent with any legit companies, SE exhibits zero acceptance level fraudulent acts of any kind. Furthermore, it also won’t allow more than one member from any household to register with the site!

Let say that a check is due to you, and you better make sure there is no more than one name on your registered address, and that person has to be you, no but no if…

The ground rule is simple enough:

When there is more than one name that is associated with a certain address; the company considers you to play foul. What could be worse than that is that your account balance will be wiped off?

Pay attention to the terms and conditions already published.

They are there for good reasons!

These are the terms of engagement the business spells out on how they want to engage you, and the other way round. When you miss this, it will always create misunderstanding and misgiving, for example, to interpret the delay in processing your cash out as a sign of a scam, when the T&C has clearly spelled out there needs to be a lead time for the cashout.

Make it your priority to skim through, at least, what is already covered in the T&C.

$3 Check Processing Fee

Another example, don’t go around accusing the business of profiteering when you see a deduction of $3 on your check. If you look carefully enough, the T&C says clearly that this deduction is applied as a cost of processing.

So, they have made this point clear, but you choose to ignore it!

Throughout my membership that spans about 6 years now, my daily interactions with the site come in the form of reading emails and sometimes a handful of surveys.


I also like this place for its coupons made available on a weekly basis. The coupons scheme here is remarkable, as these coupons for groceries have proven to be a great value when you compare those offered by other sites.

The biggest coupon provides are among their network of partners, and that includes the ubiquitous, so now you can imagine the depth and breadth of merchandise represented here.

But there is also additional residue value…

Every time you present a coupon at the store, you get cashback 10 cents!

To make it bluntly clear, you get a discount from the printout, and in addition, you get a further discount of 10 cents for every coupon produced.

If this is not value for money, I wonder what is!

Use Their Search Bar

If you choose to, run your search on their search engine, and that is an extra 15 cents every day.

Granted, its payout is kind of poor but if you have to search anyway, just pick up the loose change.

For me, the better option is still the coupons, taking surveys and more lucrative offers in general.

Trial Offers

Indeed, the payback from product offers can be more gratifying.

I will simply point to the Netflix offer that is much publicized there.

Let’s say that you have always been attracted to the idea of online video rental, and you figure it is time to get into action. But first, be sure to register with Send Earnings, and then go for that popular video streaming service.

Your decision to do that will be rewarded with $8 credit from SE, which is equivalent to a month of Netflix use.

Gold Membership
SendEarnings Gold Membbership

The business has up its game and introduce a “Gold Membership” program for its users in November 2008.

Though this may sound grandstanding, it is automatically offered to members in the hope they stay loyal to the company. If you happened to accept an offer from them and subsequently being paid in check effective from that launch date, your membership is automatically upgraded.

It is to their credit for bundling some attractive benefits along this Gold Membership:

  • Getting Referral Fees When You Refer No One

They classify new members who sign up on their own (or not referred by existing members) as non-referral members. When they turn you into a Gold Member, you stand to get a cut on the work to perform by this group of members.

  • More Prompt Payments

A definite advantage gold members have is the renewed urgency on SE’s part to process your cash out cheque.

Compare this, a normal member would have to wait 16 days after he or she put in that request, but for gold members, they typically receive their checks in 3-9 days.

Assuming your cash out request is put in during any of the weekdays, the next processed date would be Wednesday one week after that request, and you can expect the check to put into the mail sort of instantly. From the day it got processed, you should qualify and get the payment within that same week. If there is any delay with the arrival of the cheque, it very likely is caused by the courier.

So, don’t blame SE if you receive the cheque two weeks later.

  • Double Entries on Sweepstakes

For every sweepstake entry awarded by SE, Gold Members automatically have the entry multiplied by 2.

In simple math terms, there is twice as much chance to win stuff!

Payout System
SendEarnings Payment System

For average members, the biggest complaint is its clumsiness to get your payment processed and mailed out, from the date you request to have cash out.

It is reasonable to think that they probably have to wait for their payment from their sponsors. But as a participating member, he or she may think this is not a valid excuse.

Anyway, the waiting time can vary between 4-6 weeks from the time of cash out request.

The threshold for cash out is $30.

Then there are all these procedures that tempt one to feel that SE is doing all it can to delay your payment. So, if you are used to getting paid within 30 days time frame, I can almost say with certainty that you can get easily upset with the speed they dispense payout.

For the working of this particular website, take a look at how their FAQ section attempts to address your questions:

The check payment system here follows a Net-30 payment schedule. Say that you put in cash out request any day in November, expect your payment will come through the mail after March 1st.

Of course, if there is any national holiday during the period from request to check arrival, then factor in some more delay.

The good thing is that after the payment gets processed into check, it is handed over to the efficient U. S. Postal Service, so this part of the process should not take long.

On its website, the business advises checks should arrive in slightly under a couple of weeks’ time. But there are also factors that determine how much later you get them, like the load handled by the U.S. Postal Service (for example, the delivery would invariably slow down during Christmas season) plus of course your geographic location.

SendEarnings Reviews & Rating by Other Members

Generally, most users are in agreement that this SE is not an illegitimate setup.

At the same time, some really seem to have an ax to grind with the business.

I came across some who alleged that they did not get a penny even after they took up one trial offer after another.

Still, significantly more users would attest to getting their due payment from SE without a problem, except that they are highly critical of the speed with which SE process their cash out requests.

The Good

  • SE pays accordingly, nothing fantastic but you surely can’t accuse them of playing punk.
  • Well-established organization and well-run operation.
  • Membership is open to everyone (no restriction on countries).
  • You can continue to chalk up referrals count as much as you like.
  • Automatic conversion to Gold Membership.

The Bad

  • Seem overzealous to get hold of your personal information.
  • A user forum that is almost non-existence.
  • The only payment option is by Cheque.

SendEarnings logo


  • Will pay you for completing their offers
  • Won’t be able to request payment via PayPal
  • Site offers has limits
  • High payment threshold



Should You Sign Up?

SE is a confirmed legit case, as proven through my investigation as well as experience from the web. So, we are talking about a completely legitimate way to earn and make money from doing some real rudimentary and basic stuff.

In that sense, I would encourage you to become a member of their site.

But you need to temper your expectation, as your earning is just about decent, with no chance of collecting a cash pile no matter how long you immerse yourself into the job.

So, keep your day job as you indulge in a bit of fun and variety as you earn some meaningful money. Just remember, the money will ultimately add up.

Of course, this advice is only useful if you are ready to put up with the tardiness of the company when you request to get paid.

Until they start to pay attention to the members’ real need of wanting to be paid fast (especially in this stutter economy), Send Earnings just counts as one of the average money-making options at best.